What Is Crypto Sandwiches(CHI) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About Crypto Sandwiches

What Is Crypto Sandwiches(CHI) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About Crypto Sandwiches

What Is Crypto Sandwiches(CHI)

Crypto Sandwiches is an NFT game packed with strategies. It is the first food-themed game to come in the Tasty Plants series. It is a game that is deeply rooted in the human food culture. For the first time, The seamlessly integrates battle fights and a food race planet. It boasts of breakthrough in playability of food fight and blockchain games, and its fusion of the two genres.

CryptoSandwiches has been deployed on BNB Smart Chain. It runs on browsers across platforms and requires a digital asset wallet of Web 3.0 architecture to start off. it is a fully on-chain game that facilitates P2E (Play to Earn) and GAMEFI (Decentralized Game Finance) on basis of blockchain smart contract.

The game adopts BEP20, BEP1155 and BEP908 Token standards as its game equity basis. Its Magic Tablecloth, Big Belly Box, Alchemy and combat system are built on a set of self-contained and complementary token economy system that can reach out to external economy.

Crypto Sandwiches Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCrypto Sandwiches
Short NameCHI
Circulating Supply9.86B CHI
Total Supply20,000,000,000
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Game Story

The spread of a vicious rotting disease, Bugs, Beasts, Humans et al. down the Waste Station in the depth of the cosmic abyss are marked as the foodies. It doesn’t take long for the corrupted food races to run out of CHI the Flavory Calories from wet wastes. Thus a galaxy-wide pandemic is plotted to cripple the entire galaxy. The CHI Crisis is real and fast. Tasty Planets are in life and death battle with the ruthless invaders. The best of the food race is summoned up and recruited into Yummy Coalition forces and kept waging war after war against the Sick Axis’s ruthless invasions.

In defense of the immortal Crypto Sandwiches Food Soul, for a never-ending party that with no one left behind, this Tasty Galaxy have to take unanimous actions to liberate infected food races across the entire galaxy. The Sandwich planet, which is the first to confront the invaders, is running headlong to Burp War with the infested. This marks the opening chapter of the anti-infective concerto. The enslaved food races begun the desperate counter-attack. Their slogan – live free or die, food lovers never lie.

CryptoSandwiches Hero As Digital Identity in WEB3 Era

The WEB3 era is crowning data ownership and digital autonomy which are based on the digital identity representing the digital ownership. As a blockchain game embracing WEB3 features, Crypto Sandwiches supports a customizable anthropomorphic sandwich hero to be used as individual’s digital identity in the virtual space of digital world.

This digital identity appears as a NFT bundle boasting of definite, tamper-proof and undeletable nature. CryptoSandwiches are acting out those overwhelming features. As the earliest rollout of digital identity of the Tasty Galaxy series game IP, Sandwich Hero is bound to increase its usability and its intrinsic value with the expansion of the Metaverse ecology.

Magic Tablecloth in CryptoSandwiches as WEB3 Infrastructure

WEB3 era does not only brings about better productivity, better shopping and entertainment experience in real life, but it aims to reconstruct asset ownership and value system both in a higher dimension and at a lower level. The CryptoSandwiches game world is one such fusion world built on solid economic foundations. It provides an opportunity and gives experience to make material and spiritual gain visible, sustainable and profitable.

The completely open magic tablecloth which is a NFT-themed virtual land and space plays an important part in the Play-to-Earn mode in the early stage. Players can be hold it, can earn income and have fun form it. In the later stage. It can reach out to external catering and Pan-entertainment industry and other businesses to gain momentum in growth.

CryptoSandwiches’ WEB3 Culture In Play

Every dog has his day. NFT art and Gamefi aesthetics have broken out of its cult and making noises amidst the WEB3 era. Neither gold nor silver automatically has built-in value beyond its usage. Homo sapiens build and manipulate what is worthy or not. The Crypto Sandwiches game is a value creating social experiment based on pure and simple value identification and identity attribution. Its inner value lies in that, the unsatiable lust for food combines with a Z-gen spirit of a better Internet, are amplifying effect and efficiency of their ideation and creativity, unleashing great potential from the very digital world itself.

Game Features of CryptoSandwiches

 A Food Themed NFT Game (BEP1155 Standard)

Up to 42,000 unique NFTs by BEP1155 standard will be minted in the Crypto Sandwiches strategy game. Among them 24,000 are ingredient NFTs of meat, sauces, fruits, and vegetables. The other 18,000are equipment NFTs of heads, hands, and foot. All the above are basic NFT materials for the game.

The NFT of each food material will be randomly given three values (within a range when minted) by the Chainlink random number algorithm. The values will be stored onchain: calories, smell and freshness are given to ingredients. Attack power, defense power and health point are given to equipment.

Players can draw these NFTs from the mystery boxes in the game by using CSW token, and then select the ingredients and equipment on the alchemy board to synthesize unique sandwich hero NFTs. The variety of NFTs allow players to cobble up numerous sandwich heroes which is both fun and collectible.

Food Hero Synthesis

Sandwich heroes are in a form of an anthropomorphic combination of food and equipment. They are the earliest aborigines of the Tasty Galaxy. In accordance with the tablecloth attributes in sandwich alchemy, sandwich heroes have to gain the corresponding magic attributes of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The elements inter-react with each other, enabling the sandwich heroes to further their performance in the battle to defend the foodie invasion.

The Magic Tablecloth (BEP908 Standard) Infrastructure

The land on the Crypto Sandwiches planet consists of 5 pieces of tablecloth with magic attributes of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Tablecloth is not only a necessity for synthesis of sandwich heroes in alchemy, but also a battlefield for sandwich heroes to fight against food invaders.

It is also the virtual land into which offline catering economy is to be introduced later and an equity medium of virtual space. Each tablecloth as a standalone smart contract will be divided into 10,000 NFT equal equity shares like a split title deed. Players can use CSW token to subscribe for tablecloth shares in the game. Each tablecloth share will be in the form of an NFT title deed. Players can also trade and transfer the NFT at any time on free market once subscribed.

A Fully Onchain NFT Game

Crypto Sandwiches is a decentralized application (DAPP) built entirely on blockchain. All players’ game assets (ingredients, equipment, tablecloth rights, etc.) are NFT minted on BNB chain. Players can gain full ownership of their digital game assets.