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What Is Confetti (CFTI)? Complete Guide Review About Confetti.

What Is Confetti (CFTI)?

Confetti trademark visuals, the headshot / profile pictures of RaidParty. Lead your fighters into battle with your hero. Fighters are the real damage dealers of the RaidParty ecosystem. They hit hard to yield that coveted $CFTI. Spend CFTI to enhance your heroes and fighers limitlessly, and deal even more damage than their initial DPS.

Your original idea was to create an Idle hero clicker game that utilizes staking NFTs. Confetti they ultimately realized that a clicker game wouldn’t be possible on Ethereum, and would almost definitely be subject to abuse. Not wanting to abandon the idea as a whole, they opted to create a game that relied on common idle-game mechanics and gameplay loops to make RaidParty.

A secondary thesis to Confetti is that the game is idle by design. Many great gaming projects have come to life in the crypto/defi/nft ecosystem, but have been passed by many upon the notion of literally being too rich to play. In other words, not being worth someone’s time to do action after action all day, for seemingly nothing in comparison to their current earnings or net worth.

RaidParty is for everyone, whether you have 10 minutes to check on the game a day or 10 hours to actively participate. Confetti you’re gigarich and money is just a concept to you at this point, at least you can embrace the thought that while you’re going throughout your day to day, your cool nft sprites are out there in the dungeon earning for you.

Confetti Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameConfetti
Short NameCFTI
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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The only game of this niche that I played personally was Tap Titans, which I played in 2015. If you’re unfamiliar with the niche, you progress through the game by defeating a monster. You can tap or click to deal damage, as well as hire units that do a set Damage Per Second to the monster.

This concept is also inspired by the Steam Summer Sale 2015 Monster Game, in which Steam divided all users into 3 teams, and the teams raced with clicks to progress further. Confetti further the teams got, the more discounts they would receive in the Steam Store during the summer sale. There was no idle in this game, every member of every team was clicking to win. Read more Steam Monster Game & Kotaku.

A player’s “party” is the team they enter into the dungeon with, composed of one Hero NFT and a limited amount of Fighter NFTs. All players contribute in dealing damage with their teams to this single boss over time and are distributed $CFTI. Confetti is the utility token yielded to players from the raid and can be used in various ways, such as increasing the damage of their NFT’s to yield more in the Raid. The gameplay loop is very simple.

RaidParty Heroes

RaidParty Heroes are the trademark of your project and are expected to be the largest (monetary) barrier of entry to playing RaidParty. Confetti RaidParty Heroes are also headshots, they are virtually also a PFP project. Enhancement level is the trait that is affected by player actions.

Players are able to spend Confetti to attempt enhancement levels to improve the stats of the previously mentioned traits. Enhancement level is malleable by in-game actions and token spend and has an additive effect on a Heroes Party Damage Multiplier.

RaidParty Fighters

RaidParty Fighters are similar in style to the Heroes, just zoomed out to retain full-body image as a sprite. Confetti fighters would be the units that do damage and are staked to earn yield. Enhancement level is malleable by in-game actions and token spend and has an additive effect on a Heroes Base Damage Multiplier. Items intend to add more variance within the RaidParty game itself, along with further layers of progression for the player.

$CFTI Yield Distribution Explained

Note that the function will actually be piecewise, returning 0 if a hero is not equipped. Confetti is omitted from the damage calculations for simplicity. A player may not equip more fighters than allowed by the Hero Party Size (able to be increased on / after enhancement level +5). Yield is linear based off of the total damage of your party.

Minting New NFT Heroes and Fighters

Players will be able to spend a base 100 $CFTI to mint or “Summon” new RaidParty Fighters. Confetti Players will also be able to spend 100 $CFTI and sacrifice 20 RaidParty Fighters to mint a RaidParty Hero. Genesis Hero Tokens require fewer Fighters to be sacrificed to mint a new Hero, needing only 15 instead of 20. Sacrificed tokens are burnt and taken out of the “Active Supply.”

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