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What Is Kragger Inu(KINU) ? Complete Guide & Review About Kragger Inu

What Is Kragger Inu(KINU) ?

Kragger Inu is a unique utility token on the CRO chain. It has a total supply of 1 Billion tokens and is listed on mm finance. This is aiming to bring about a change through its choice of name and logo. Whilst paying homage to the massive cronos community and the coin which is endorsed by it believe in the potential of this project to do well. The utility aim to bring to this project and holders includes

Kragger Inu Funny memes, sugar-coated savage beasts, wolves in sheep’s clothing among countless others invaded the crypto space and continues to do so. Only to end as honeypots, rugpulls and the typical hype-excite-FOMO pump and dump only because they seemed harmless. recognize though, that there are really outstanding projects out there, big and successful ones at that! Yes, sugarcoating works both ways – either the good or the bad.

Kragger Inu The Kragger Inu (KINU) is a token to support the incoming P2E game that would give way not only to intrinsic earnings from the game but by staking as well. P2E is rarely out of trend as it can never succumb to obsolescence, given that game upgrades are easy to roll out. This is our key to thriving in this facet of crypto space, keeping the game exciting while continuous development is underway. The dark side never gets boring.

Kragger Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameFomoETH
Short Name(FomoETH)
Circulating Supply950,000,000.00 KINU
Max Supply1,000,000,000
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Our vision is to inherently create a project which comprises of virality and humour to ensure that the community will stay interested. will ensure market this project such that it brings an atmosphere of joy within all investors. More information will continue to be provided as reach certain milestones of the project and utilize the budget to further utilities.

These utilities we bring to the project will be accompanied by viral marketing to ensure the growth and awareness of the project. are aiming to market this globally and bring in investors to play play2earn game which will comprise of burning and auto buyback functions within it. Currently the NFTs are being made which will be used for the game as well so that the ecosystem for Kragger Inu is fully functional.

The Dark Side at Work

P2E and staking are not uncommon, but how approach this kind of crypto financial model is one that would break boundaries and explore uncharted territories in the crypto space (e.g. The Dark Side of the Moon). For others HODL is the way, yes it works. You would usually get reflections from a deflationary token at a fraction of all the transactions, a concept that truly revolutionized the DeFi space.

However, in a crowded community, never see this as a viable option to incentivize HODLers. You deserve more than the conventional fraction of the transactions that are simply distributed proportional to your holding. The KINU brand of staking gives you that extra bounce, rubbing in the force of the dark side and never too conventional. dark staking recipe is designed for the investors, let’s just say leveled the playing field. Fair enough? This makes HODLing worth your while, the KINU way!


The Kragger Inu (KINU) Token, was the first ever token launched on the dark side of the Cronos Chain! Figuratively of course, as Cronos Chain is a solid and secure chain, boasting faster transaction times and cheaper fees, virtually immune to pump and dump as well.

Token Name: KRAGGER INU Symbol: KINU Contract Address: 0xC0d4bB262d63A95f85Ae841b4e2B0dACc54Fdc0a Total Initial Supply: 1 000 000 000 (1 Billion) Tax (Buy and Sell) : 10%  Marketing : 5%  LP : 4%  Dev : 1% Ideal Slippage : 11% – 13% Trading: MM Finance Chart: DEX Screener

The Bright Side After All

The KINU Team is very keen on delivering its promise and staying true to the vision of the project. love to be scrutinized into the most minute detail knowing that have nothing to hide. Please feel free to dig deep into the Contract, Dev Wallet and Liquidity Pool any given time of the day. are more than glad to see you do your due diligence as do . This project was initiated and will be continuously managed by a very experienced and reputable team who are very well-engaged with a growing KINU community. do not want to rush things, that is a very valuable lesson we learned from the past.