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What Is Black Box (BBOX)? Complete Guide & Review About Black Box

What Is Black Box (BBOX)?

Black Box is the central component in the Incubator Ecosystem. Bridging the gap between safe developers and low tax tokens, the team have set out to provide a kick-starter incubation platform to aspiring developers. Proud to state that the team have officially partnered with Pinksale, who are in full support.

The Incubator is offers marketing, copy writing, project setup, advising and communication services to on boarded projects. All of which will have to pass a mandatory KYC.

Black Box Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlack Box
Short NameBBOX
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply10,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Safe? Low Tax? Think Black Box.

For those that don’t know, an Incubator is a Central project that governs, assists and provides a kick-start to other projects with safu teams. BBox will be the GO-TO INCUBATOR on BSC. They are proud to be partnered with the leading launchpad in DeFi – Pinksale. The partnership will provide safe, KYC’d teams a chance to be nestled in Incubation program.

Think 0 Tax Think Black Box.

Black Box intends to dominate the Binance Smartchain with 0 tax and a
stable-coin pairing. Think community gains. Join the 0 tax revolution.


The Main utility that they have worked very hard on is Launchpad. They have similar functionalities to Pinksale, but launchpad was developed by our friends from Chainlink, who they have a special partnership with. They are at-hand to develop any utility and add any key-functionality that they , as a community, requests.

  • V1 launchpad
  • Staking
  • BlackBox Defi wallet
  • Swap

BlackBox future utilities

Building New innovative utility, will be the main aim for Blackbox. Any other utility that already co exists in the crypto decentralized space, my team can build it, i have no issue of getting utilities, for the project, whether its a MetaVerse, NFT’s, Staking, Farming, swap, and our very own Wallet.

Everything can be built but will take Time so for this reason i ask the community to stay positive and hold the floor. BlackBox will try come innovate new utilities never seen before and aim to get a Venture capital investment, which will help the projects as a whole.

Benefits For BBOX

Quality Projects

There will be a wealth of incredible projects that will nestle in Incubation programme.

Exclusive Access

BBox holders will gain exclusive access to private / presales held within our Incubator.

Perks for Holding

Holders of 5000 BBox – and more – will receive Aidrops from projects that are in Incubator.

BBox Treasury

Every token, that they incubate, will fill the Black Box treasury, via a 0.5% transaction tax.

0 tax token

No hidden fees. 0.5-2% Slippage meaning that your transaction will not get frontrun by bots or snipers.



Co-Founder and spearhead of the operation. Hisake has the charisma, GIFs and determination to shepherd his community to gains. Multiple great projects under his belt.


Co Founder/ CFO Roman has a lot of skin in the game. Bridging the gap between creativity and practical-use. He’ll be in control of all the CA functions.

Alex Greco

A revered Influencer with a 20k+ audience, unmatched experience and a wealth of connections within the space. A real asset to the BBox team.

Road Map

  2. 2.Organic Marketing Campaign
  3. 3.Public Fair Launch
  4. 4.Market research
  5. 5.YouTube Marketing Campaign
  6. 6.Influencer partnerships
  7. 7.CEX listings
  8. 8.Advertisement campaigns
  9. 9.Further Utility development

The Team doesn’t want to over promise, but they can assure you on one thing; they will put all effort into this, because we want to become a more reputable team for the crypto space.

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