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What Is Bible Coin (BIBL)? Complete Guide & Review About Biblecoin

What Is Bible Coin (BIBL)?

Bible Coin is a cryptocurrency project that aims to provide solutions to the concerns of the modern church. Throughout the years, the church has faced difficulties that range from having insufficient funds for missions to donations being stolen or mismanaged. By the use of blockchain technology, They (BIBL) introduces custom solutions to overcome such matters.

Blockchain technology demonstrates the improvements to the current system – especially how cryptocurrency transfers enable instant and traceable donations to the church and its missionary activities.

Bible Coin’s native cryptocurrency BIBL is a BEP-20 token with a total supply of 10,000,000,000 BIBL. However, only 50% of that total supply will be available for circulation, with the rest set aside as staking rewards for the future. BIBL will facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions and donations, as well as provide staking rewards and enable remote elections.

Bible Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBible Coin
Short NameBIBL
Max Supply10,000,000,000
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Equipping the Church With Modern Technology

Bible Chain is a blockchain ecosystem that connects churches, missionaries, philanthropists, and relevant non-government organizations. They aim to foster a thriving global community of believers based on trust and accountability.

It is the vision to enhance how Christians and charity institutions conduct their usual church activities by providing a transparent donation fund system, facilitating borderless transfers to missionaries in different countries, equipping them to create their own crypto tokens, and more.

Leading the Church to the New Web3 Frontier

Transparent Donations

Offerings and donations will become completely traceable with blockchain technology.

Empowered Missionaries

Churches and philanthropists will be able to support missionaries from different parts of the globe.

Accessible Contents

Members of partner churches will grow more in faith through sermons, podcasts, and worship videos.

What Bible Chain Offers

They provide various services using blockchain technology and advanced identification features.

Crypto Donation & Payments

Everyone can donate to and make payments online using cryptocurrency via the Bible Chain DApp.

Missionary Crowdfundings

Churches, charities, and missionaries can receive funding from donors belonging to different churches.

Transparent Fund System

Parishioners can view how church funds are being spent to ensure transparency and accountability.

Photo, Audio, & Video NFTs

Pastors, musicians, and artists can mint NFTs of their sermons, songs, artworks, sacred objects, etc.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Churches can create their own cryptocurrency token on the Bible Chain mainnet and store on the DApp.

Social Connectivity

Bible Chain fosters a modern community of believers with the help of digital communication tools


2022 Q2

  • Introduce Bible Chain project
  • Coordinate with partner churches for DApp testing
  • Undertake first Bible Chain technical symposium
  • List BIBL on 4 global cryptocurrency exchanges

2022 Q3

  • Conduct second Bible Chain technical symposium
  • Finalize collaboration details with partner churches
  • Initiate Bible Chain DApp trial with partner churches

2022 Q4

  • Make BIBL available to churches via OTC purchases
  • Begin trial of BIBL for P2P payments
  • Initiate development of Bible Chain blockchain testnet

2023 Q1

  • Begin trial of BIBL donations to selected missionaries
  • Begin developing Bible Chain audio and translation feature
  • Launch Bible Chain-based offering system

2023 Q2

  • Trial Bible Chain testnet and begin mainnet development
  • Deploy church accounting service system on DApp
  • List BIBL on more global cryptocurrency exchanges

2023 Q3

  • Finalize partnership with charities, orphanages, etc
  • Initiate migration from BSC to Bible Chain Mainnet
  • Implement BIBL voting system

2023 Q4

  • Begin developing Gospel NFTs
  • Connect with more churches and secure partnerships
  • Enable churches to create own tokens on Bible Chain

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