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About claims to be the first-ever legal platform established specifically for selling computing power and taking mining to its next evolutionary level. The is allowing anyone to sell computing power for processing blockchain transactions. No electricity or cryptocurrencies are traded by BitLuck, merely the computing power needed to make mining profitable with all of the clients’ fees being directed solely at the development of the company’s processing facilities.

Bitluck Mining company’s 12 data centers, strategically located around the world, are built on modern Japanese and Korean technologies with more than 200 world-class specialists maintaining them. The data centers and the supporting equipment provide the basis for facilitating mining on every level with computing power of > >2,240 PH/s, which is in excess of 2% of the entire Bitcoin mining network throughput.

Currently they have a promotional plan offer to try out the mining for 10 days and it costs only $10 and you can pay via PayPal or Card! Their unlimited contracts Start from 200$ to 5000$. They offer 10% bonus of purchases made by referrals.

HASH RATE$0.1195
Maintenance FeeZero Maintenance Fee
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
Website LinkHomepage

How Do Start Earning

The process is fast and simple.

  1. You register at
  2. You choose a contract and pay for it
  3. We activate the computing power
  4. Your selected pool begins reward accrual

Cryptocurrency Mining

  1. The data centers generate computing power.
  2. After purchasing contract and computing power, you can choose a pool where to mine on.
  3. As a reward for processing of transactions pool members receive bitcoins.

More Profitable

Bitluck Mining community of miners (the pool) has a much higher chance to find the block. The world generates 1 block in 10 minutes. The block contains 6.25 bitcoins. If someone in the pool finds a block, it is distributed to all members of the pool.


For security reasons and in accordance with the laws of the European Union, when paying through ADVCash, Credit Card, PayPal, you will have to go through verification process. Your payment will be credited to our account only after successful verification. You will receive detailed instructions related to this process to your email account.

Largest Pool work with the world’s largest pools. SlushPool makes rewards every day. The accrual will depend on how lucky you are in mining the blocks. Accrual type SlushPool – PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) – proportional payment system.

EMCD rewards every day. Accrual type EMCD – FPPS (Full Pay-per-Share) – a combined payment method combines PPLNS and PPS, combining daily payments with payments for blocks.

Poolin has a minimum threshold of 0.005 BTC for payments, therefore payments for the following contracts will be:

  • 50TH – once every 15 days;
  • 100TH – once every 10 days;
  • 500TH – once every 2 days.

Poolin type of accrual (PPS (Pay Per Share)) is a system that implies a fixed payment for each share provided by the user.

Binance Pool rewards every day. Accrual type Binance Pool – FPPS (Full Pay-per-Share) – a combined payment method combines PPLNS and PPS, combining daily payments with payments for blocks.

You decide to which of the pools you want to send the leased computing capacity. 

How Are Different Form Other


Bitluck Mining guarantee uninterrupted Internet connection and stable operation of servers. The transformer substations provide the power supply, and 3 fiber optic lines (1 primary and 2 back-ups) provide a fault-tolerant connection to the pool.


They are the most technological platform, working with largest pools in the world. They were integrated in this way, that’s you are choose, in which pool spent rented computer capacity, and pool independently add earned bitcoins in you wallet.


BitLuck is a legal platform for renting computing power. Data centers and servers are under 24-hour security protection and video surveillance.


The total power of the locations is equal to the power capacity of all solar panels in Australia. They have enough gigawatts to make you rich.GET FREE CONSULTATION ABOUT MINING


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