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What Is Zombiverse (ZBV)? Complete Guide Review About Zombiverse.

What Is Zombiverse (ZBV)?

Zombiverse is a decentralized and tokenized platform that offers gamers all over the world a thrilling new experience in the form of a real-life roleplay game in which participants can earn crypto currency while playing. Verse would feature multiple game trails with a Dead-man-walking chain which would be a public, open-source and permissionless blockchain with a fully de-centralized GameFi network with high speed and low fees. With Verse, you don’t just play, you earn while having fun.

Zombiverse take you into the world of Zombies, a world where you fight for your own survival – a world where only the strongest and smartest players survive – a world where you earn more the longer you survive. Form groups, create alliances, become stronger and move through time. The game contains several territories, each with a different time perk. As a player you move between these territories to find your Colorado. You start the game in the calmer territories. Here it is important that you get to know the game and the players around you.

Collect XP and tokens by killing as many Zombies while you equip yourself properly to work your way up. There are different types of safe houses available to buy and own in the various territiories as you progress. Each territory has its own unique gangs, and users can sign up to take advantage of the benefits that these groups bring. Verse is an actionadventure game where participants play scary and intense scenarios and complete missions to progress through the story.

Zombiverse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameZombiverse
Short NameZBV
Circulating Supply20.00B ZBV
Total Supply20,000,000,000
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Missions and Events

Zombiverse is a 3D robotic play to earn (P2E) & build to earn (B2E) gaming token utilizing high precision AI applications and blockchain technology to model the character of legendary zombies in the metaverse. ZBV is a BSC contract token designed to link up with polygon network and futuristic features for expanded network accommodation. Zombi is a rewarding token to platform users, game enthusiasts and crypto community investors who want to earn ZBV token by participating in the jungle fighting competition where by stakes are won by the champions.

It is only token earned from jungle fight that can be used to acquire protected territorial land in the zombie world for building. The more you build, the more $ZBV token you earn by renting out secured and sophisticated niche to other competitors. Every two successive fight won entitles you to unlock the Zombiverse lucky box with land documents of various sizes which give you the right to sell the land with high profit. Apart from P2E & B2E, Zombiverse pride itself as versatility token that can be used in the animated NFT store to acquire NFTs of legendary champions which can be used for stakes at discounted rate.

Community holders of ZBV are also rewarded through the the smart contract reflective tax mechanism. This is to support loyal community members and promote liquidity sustainability. The Zombiswap platform is the limited of decentralized exchange for only metaverse tokens that are partnered with Zombi through Z-AI platform. Now that you have entered the world of Zombi, you will need to protect yourself and your possessions. In Verse, you are the hunter or the hunted, the killer or the killed. You are never safe, so be on your guard at all times.

NFT Marketplace

In the NFT Marketplace, players and non-players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT items, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. Additionally, players can use NFT items in-game and sell rent or exchange them to other players. Players are also able to sell their account.

Game Economy

The Zombiverse Game Ecosystem consists of a dual token economy, based on a Deadman-walking Chain bridge with Polygon Network and uses NFT collectables. NFT items, such as vehicles, property and weapons, are used by players to progress through the game trade, rent or sell them to gain profit. When you enter the game world, it is important that you have enough ZBV tokens as leverage for other players.

When you kill zombies or rescue other players, this leverage increases by 20% of the kill or rescue value. But be warned – it disappears if you are killed. A leaderboard shows the players with the highest leverage. If other players have weapons in their pockets when they are killed, these will drop and be up for grabs.

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