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zemi Web Hosting Review: The Best Mackdonian.

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About zemi

Entertainment is a broad subject encompassing a whole myriad of different genres. A zemi will be hosting independent alternative culture such as horror,cyberpunk steampunk films as well as indie bands on your site and will be charging your users to view said films and performances at the Hounds Online Cinema where you can share and watch together with your friends, for a limited time only. They Proceeds of which go directly to the film makers and musicians with Hell hounds receiving a minimal percentage to offset operational expenses. NFT tickets will be batch minted and sold per screening. Each NFT pass will be valid for 24 hours upon purchase.

Some Quick Facts zemi Web Hosting

zemiBasic Details
Hosting Namezemi
Call Support+1 (631) 480 1533
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


zemi Price


A company envision Souls being used to transact with hell hounds partnered merchants to deliver an unprecedented level of service and speed without the international fees. zemi seeks to support the currently downed tourism industry by partnering up with all kinds of horror attractions around the world as a friction-less, safe, and secure payment system while simultaneously opening them up to a new set of customers.

They will have a dedicated section with verified ratings of customers to share their experiences and to entice more people to visit the attraction. Real reviews by really scared customers is a fun and entertaining concept. A reviewers will also be rewarded in your currency for each verified review, giving a new meaning to play-to-earn.


zemi seeks not just to partner with horror and counter-culture related ecommerce businesses as a safe and secure payment method but to create the first horror cryptocurrency /ecommerce collaboration as well. The pandemic has also changed consumer behavior and has accelerated the growth of the online shopping industry. Especially in countries such as China and Turkey where it was not such a practical choice until last year2.

A coins envision ourselves tying up with smoke shops, clothing stores, voodoo/occult supplies and many more. The automatic LP mechanism bolsters the value of the token in two ways. First it creates a solid price floor by adding a fraction of all sales and purchases to the liquidity pool. Second, it acts as a tax which benefits long term holders and liquidity providers. As the LP supply increases the token becomes less prone to sudden price fluctuations caused by large sell-offs, as is usually the case when a token matures.

Game Developers

The play 2 earn model enables game developers to create value in unique tokens associated with the game. These tokens provide utility, and therefore new ways to engage with the game and trade in-game assets. Play 2 Earn is revolutionary as it debases the value of a player’s time regardless of their means, wealth and location. All players are equal. That means players from under-privileged countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, & Thailand can make relatively high full time incomes from actively playing the games.

In-game asset ownership through the use of NFT’s provides additional value to the players when the in-game asset is used within the game world by playing an active role in the game itself. As players increase the XP of an in-game asset by playing, its value increases, meaning players are incentive to spend time in the game to boost, cashing out by selling their in-game assets and possibly resell them whenever they wish.

NFTs Market

Due to the play 2 earn models’ effectiveness, the prices of the NFTs linked to the in-game assets required to play may be significantly high, meaning barriers of entry exist for those with no money to purchase such NFT. zemi such as Gamesta’s enable the distribution of these in-game assets to players that can use them in game in exchange for a profit sharing model. This sharing is a consequence of the active gaming performance of the players. All fees collected from players will be collected in this treasury , and it would also pay out players’ winnings. The $GSG token will be used to transact value within the Gamesta Ecosystem.

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