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Yourconnect Web Hosting Review: Stop all spam and suspicious mail by yourself.

About Yourconnect

Yourconnect including but not limited to the overall project, token, website, smart contracts and any apps as presented in this conceptual paper is not a licensed, unlicensed or exempted financial or payment service of any kind and in any jurisdiction. Any terminology used on the Website or within the app is intended only as a basic reference, without any elective or legal meaning of the same terms in a regulated and/or financial environment. This is a decentralized and community driven project and does not have owners, shareholders, promoters, marketers, managers, directors or other figures or entities exerting any form of governance.

The Yourconnect smart contracts are open-source, security audited, permanent and non-modifiable in any way. The token is strictly a utility token in all jurisdictions and is not and cannot be considered to be a “security” or otherwise regulated token of any kind. A coins is not in any way e-money and/or fiat money, or an asset backed stable-coin, whether global or limited in scope. This Whitepaper taken by itself is not a contract or a contractual agreement of any kind, nor is it an invitation, solicitation or oer to invest or acquire or use tokens in any way and with any expectation of profit therefrom.

Some Quick Facts Yourconnect Web Hosting

YourconnectBasic Details
Hosting NameYourconnect
Email Support@yourconnect
Call Support02-017-8248
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit



SSL Certificates

Protect your website and sensitive information from malicious people. It also increases the credibility of those who wish to transact online with your website with SSL Certificates from trusted certificate authorities in the Internet security industry. The first community tool will be the NFT Meme Creation Tool — this tool will help to create a good Yourconnect and mint it in NFT! It will have many filters and draw tools, also there will be implemented many templates and logos of almost every Doge-like token and Dogecoin itself, of course. You can sell it on any NFT market in BSC blockchain or send it to someone or keep it for yourself — it’s your token and your meme with copyright confirmed by NFT holding.


Connect your own server to the data center with a high speed network system certified by ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 with a backup power system. continuous air conditioning system including standard fire protection systemssecurity system Strict building Access with fingerprint and card scan Ready to install CCTV cameras tightly 24 hour security check. Yourconnect are very impressed by movements of Doge communities and decided to help all of them by uniting at the craziest event of the finance world – DogeCon.

A build much more useful tool for Doge communities and developer. In the future, when your DAO will be strong enough, they are planning to hire more people to make this process faster. DogeMania aims to make a big DAO community of all crypto-doge-lovers. This coins DAO will be focused on charity at first, but then will be voting for future development of your tools and DogeCon programs.

Mail Gateway

Stop all the annoying problems with your email with Proxmox Mail Gateway, a system that will protect you from email threats like Spamming Mail, Viruses or Phishing Mail with efficiency up to 99.99%.Easy to use via Web-based Interface with flexible management. Allows users to control their incoming e-mails effectively. The following tool is for both – community and developers. This will be atomic swaps with yield farming.

Any Doge-like token will have the opportunity to become a multi-chain token. This way, developers will have the ability to add their token to the bridge, create a wrapped version or duplicate their smart contract on another blockchain, and this will give the ability to the community to move their tokens between networks or to stake them in Mania yield farms to get profit. Yield will come from the coins fees. Stake Yourconnect to have more company.

The community of token

Yourconnect will be launched right after the presentation of the NFT Meme Creation Tool. Much more tools will be developed with the assistance of your DAO — the community of token holders will become a part of your DAO and, in future, members will be able to suggest, choose and decide what tool they need to do and what will be inside of it.

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