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Welio Web Hosting Review: Acquisition OF Welio.

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About Welio

Don’t worry, they have the right solution for you! In fact, you can switch from one plan to another by performing a simple upgrade and paying only the difference between the two plans. If your website continues to grow and therefore becomes more and more popular you can move to a higher plan without any kind of problem, if you do not know how to orient yourself do not hesitate to contact. They have different solutions up to dedicated servers.

Welio SupportHost team is at your complete disposal to find the plan that best suits your needs. I have been a customer of SupportHost. It for over two years. I have always found an answer, in a very short time. It is on those occasions that service really makes a difference and I have never found a better service. Their support, sometimes within half an hour, sometimes even in the middle of the night, goes far beyond what they are required to provide as a service.

Always available, always attentive, always courteous. My two blogs were on SiteGround and with great pleasure I see that SupportHost is superior both in terms of efficiency in terms of assistance and attention in the comparison of the customer, and as regards the speed it is equal to that of SiteGround with the dedicated Geek and Ip plan (now on WordPress Hosting 2). Hope your service doesn’t change over time. When I had to put the site online I found some difficulties and Supporthost’s support was prompt and effective, a true five-star service.

Some Quick Facts Welio Web Hosting

WelioBasic Details
Hosting NameWelio
Call SupportN/A
Email SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Welio Price

Antivirus antimalware

On all your SemiDedicated hosting services they use ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus) to be able to identify malicious code and viruses on your servers. All emails are scanned to avoid the risk that your customers may receive attached viruses. Furthermore, on the servers that host your semi-dedicated accounts, CXS (ConfigServer eXploit Scanner) is installed, a professional tool that scans all files in real time. Welio is when they are uploaded to your SemiDedicated hosting account. CXS is able to delete or quarantine files that contain malicious code or that are commonly used to send spam, thus preventing them from being executed on the server.

Performance always at the top

It is of primary importance that your semi-dedicated hosting is always fast and performing. For this reason Welio use high-performance servers with AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core CPU, 128 GB of RAM and NVMe SSD disks. That’s why they can tell you that your site will always be lightning fast. They use LiteSpeed ​​+ LSCache (in addition to OPcache and memcached) to give you maximum performance. From your tests this gives 20-30% higher performance than apache. The resource limits are also higher for semi-dedicated hosting, to allow you to host a highly visited site without any risk. They can provide higher limits for your website by limiting the number of accounts per server.

Semi-dedicated hosting and security

All your servers are configured so that each account is completely isolated from the others, thanks to your custom chroot isolation technology. In this way, if an account is insecure because it contains a script with security holes and is attacked, the hacker is not able to compromise the other accounts on the server through the cron or webserver as in a normal shared environment. Welio why they are confident that your semi-dedicated hosting is one of the safest solutions on the market.

Free transfer

By purchasing an annual plan with domain transfer you are entitled to a free transfer of your website. Welio transfer customer sites from other providers to your servers on a daily basis. The transfer process will be completely transparent, and there will be no downtime on your website. Changing hosting has never been easier and with your semi-dedicated hosting service you will have incredible performance at your disposal. You won’t have to do anything after providing with your old provider login details.

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