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Vinculo Web Hosting Review: Store your website in a safe space.

About Vinculo

If you have a physical server that takes up space and generates maintenance costs or your website has many visits, it’s time to switch to a Virtual Private Server. Send emails to your own databases and maintain direct communication with your customers. User-friendly portal for personal use, entering with a username and password through the Internet. Vinculo reduces the transaction fee and the cost of participation. The total amount of BGH is 210M that is 10 times of BTC so that it reduces the cost of participation.

Bitcoin Classic improves the situation of overpriced Bitcoin, increasing the total supply of BGH and lowering the price. This supply change increases circulation and helps emphasizes the use of BGH for smaller transactions. With relatively low transaction fees, a secure and private blockchain, and affordable token prices, BGH is well suited for making everyday transactions. All Transactions are payments of some kind.

Transactions are written in a flexible scripting language that is used to assign custodial control to each transaction output via the creation of arbitrary spending conditions defined by scripts. Each transaction uses Bitcoin stored in ‘unspent transaction outputs’ as the transaction inputs. The transaction process aggregates the Santos his held in each input and spends them into a new set of unspent transaction outputs. When UTXOs are spent in a transaction they are consumed.

Some Quick Facts Vinculo Web Hosting

VinculoBasic Details
Hosting NameVinculo
Price$29,000+ VAT / month
Email SupportN/A
Call Support(+56) 225 856 446
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Vinculo Price


Decentralized marketplaces are built on blockchain structures that enable peer-to-peer connection in terms of communications and transactions, thus eliminating the need for a middleman authority to administer. Vinculo is a decentralized marketplace built on the Binance smart chain blockchain. It uses smart contracts to connect its users to make transactions and connect with each other. Aside from providing a seamless sustainable marketplace, Metaplace enhances the transparency of trade by incorporating metaverse on its platform. The products mostly include lands and other high-value assets with physical attributes.

The metaverse feature is an additional feature added in this marketplace that provides with a competitive edge over its counterpart. Metaverse is a hotline feature explored by many projects, leading it to become the most in-demand feature. Many believe the future belongs to the metaverse. Metaplace too is a firm believer in innovation and tries to remain updated with recent technologies to facilitate their users. In this particular case, Metaplace uses virtual reality to enable its users to physically examine products before buying.


In a decentralized marketplace, technology replaces the traditional drivers of the market. The structures responsible for matching buyers and sellers, seamless transactions, and institutional infrastructure are replaced by a network of node. Vinculo Each of these nodes accomplishes the same functionality as that of some centralized market drivers. A decentralized marketplace holds transactions that are seamless and immutable. These transactions are safer in terms that a decentralized market structure does not include a middleman that can affect transaction security in any way.

Perhaps a transaction in a decentralized structure is cheaper because here the buyer directly pays to the seller, with crypto networks validating these transactions. In addition to providing smooth transfer of data and money, decentralized marketplaces are comparatively more efficient in matching buyers and sellers due to their inherent nature of providing unmodified access to information. All goods are listed through the blockchain thus eliminating any human error in product and price listing. Aside from that, product search results are entirely organic and reliable.

Decentralized Market

OB deviates from the traditional client-server model used by nearly all e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay. OB is not a browser-accessible website, but rather a peer-to-peer application powered by a decentralized network of nodes run by the platform’s individual users. Vinculo use the OB marketplace, users must first visit its website and download an OB server and an OB client, both of which must be installed locally on the user’s machine. 64 “All stores and listings are hosted on the vendor’s own computers and “reseeded” by other network users,” according to the vendor’s website.

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