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valuehost Web Hosting Review: Professional website hosting.

About valuehost

valuehost is a new partner platform of the Valuehost group of companies that allows you to manage your web hosting business in real time. Hostix 2.0 provides an opportunity to earn money both for those who simply keep their own website and believe that it should make money, and for companies that seriously associate their business with the provision of hosting services. You start with a basic Hostix Plan and get a fixed percentage for each hosting payment. The more users you have, the more percentage you can receive. Your income grows exponentially. If you have read the Help section, but you still have questions or suggestions, they will always be happy to communicate with you.

By choosing how to use Hostix Pro, you can use the Hostix 2.0 platform on absolutely any website. If your site or online store is powered by Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, just install the appropriate Hostix API module, customize the brand for your site design and start selling hosting services right now. Hostix-Partner does not use illegal ways to attract customers and any other artificial increase in the number of orders, and also does not register accounts for personal use through its affiliate program.

Some Quick Facts valuehost Web Hosting

valuehostBasic Details
Hosting Namevaluehost
Price269 ​​rubper month
Call Support8 (812) 337-00-73
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


valuehost Price

High probability

If the valuehost does not conduct business and has not brought at least 1 new client in the last 30 days (re-registration of existing or previously registered clients is not taken into account), then his Hostix-Account and Hostix-Balance are frozen until the registration of a new client. They have tried to prepare for you the most informative and understandable Help section – with a high probability, you will find answers to your questions there. How to register on Hostix 2.0, how to create Advertising Campaigns, customize the design of your site, work with Hostix API Pro, track statistics, manage users, create news and other information related to the operation of the Hostix 2.0 platform, you will find in this section.


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