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What is Turtle Racing (TURT) ? Complete Guide Review About Turtle Racing

What is Turtle Racing (TURT) ?

Turtle Racing of being called slow, these super turtles have trained and now compete in this amazing blockchain racing game, put your skills to the test and seek the highest place on the podium. is also an economy where ownership is entirely decided by the players, allowing players to seamlessly sell and trade their gaming assets in cryptocurrencies, being a “Play to Earn” game, allowing players to win by playing.

Turtle Racing Storage Key Points

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What is Turtle Racing (TURT) ? Complete Guide Review About Turtle Racing


Turtle Racing Gameplay Turtle Racing is a “Play to Earn (P2E)” game based on crypto currencies. You will obtain tokens (TURT), for every racing you join, no matter which position you get! Besides, you are totally free to trade this tokens the way you want! To start playing, you just need a few TURTs (token) to buy one or more eggs that will give birth to a certain type of turtle: Common, Rare or Legendary. These turtles can come from one of three realms – Water, Fire and Grass – which will give them advantages or disadvantages, depending on where each race takes place.

The Realms

Turtle Racing Each turtle belongs to a realm, which may be the realm of WATER, FIRE or GRASS. Before starting the race, it will be randomly drawn in which realm the dispute will happen, if the player is lucky enough to run in the same realm to which his turtle belongs, he will have a better chance of reaching top positions

Turtle Special Edition

Turtle Racing The special turtle has incredible power, second only to Legendary, will be limited to just 200 units and will be sold before the game launch at a price of BUSD 100.00 . The sale will take place on website.

Young Turtle

Turtle Racing Thinking about attracting new beginners players in the NFT world afraid to invest, launched the Young Turtle. This new Turtle will be a younger version of a common one.

About realms:

Just like a common turtle, the young will belong to the Water, Grass and Fire realms and its advantages and chances of victory will be like the common ones.

About the rarity:

They will have no rarities (Rare and Legendary) and will only be differentiated by the realms they belong to (Water, Grass and Fire).

About the rewards:

Its rewards will be about 20% of a common turtle, it will use the same rewards table, but the multiplier per position will be as follows:

About merger:

When you have 05 young turtles in your collection, you will be able to merge these 05 young turtles and get 1 egg from an adult turtle. The rates of rarities are the same as for a common egg, only in promotional campaigns these rates are changed and will be notified in the communication channels.

Energy Drink

Turtle Racing Thinking about the game’s economy, we need to make some adjustments to balance the Turtles’ income in the long run. From now on, they will need to be nourished with Energy Drink from time to time to run the races. For calculation purposes, let 1 day equal 1 year. After the turtle turns 20, it will start to suffer from fatigue and will need to take the Energy Drink to recharge its energy to 100%.

Energy costs will be according to the age of the turtle.

  • Until the age of 20, turtles will not suffer from fatigue.
  • From 20 to 30 years old, 10% of energy per race will be discounted.
  • Over 30 years will be discounted 25% of energy per race.

Turtle Racing When the turtle’s energy is zero, the player will need to click the Recovery button to be able to run again. The Energy Drink will cost 5 TURT for the adult TURTLE and 1 TURT for the juvenile. Used tokens will remain within the reward pool. hope that these small changes will make economy more sustainable and lasting!