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What is NFTshootout (SHOO) ? Complete Guide Review About NFTshootout

What is NFTshootout (SHOO) ?

NFTshootout platform aims to simplify bringing new Play to Earn games to market by providing the marketplace, dashboard & coin integration to save up to 80% in development time. Initially are launching own games first, then will open platform up to 3rd party game developers for partnership opportunities.

NFTshootout The purpose of NFT Shootout was to create a Play-to-Earn game that is genuinely easy to adopt, inclusive and enjoyable; with the bonus of earning money and having fun doing so. This is, believe the future of gaming! NFT Shootout is a decentralized Play-to-Earn football game, where anyone

NFTshootout can earn tokens through a very simple and addictive gameplay; competitively or for leisure. main aim is to create a game that you can just pick up and play. There will be no need for tutorials or anything complicated. It is literally a matter of clicking a few buttons and you are playing the game.

NFTshootout Gamers will be able to collect NFT Shootout player cards to use in the game. These NFTs will have their own attributes, positions and skill sets. In addition, you will be able to buy land to build your football stadiums, booster cards to give attribute increases to your players, and even have the opportunity to name your own stadium & team.

NFTshootout Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNFTshootout
Short Name(JAIHO)
Circulating Supply
Max Supply600,000,000,000,000
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NFT Shootout Mission

NFTshootout The existence of NFT Shootout will enhance people’s understanding of how blockchain Play-to-Earn gaming will evolve the games industry. NFT Shootout manages and maintains the circulation of its NFT assets, creating the perfect balance; sustaining the in-game economy. This will provide gamers with the ability to not only enjoy the game, but to collect NFTs of value for the future, which they can choose to sell on peer-to-peer platforms. Revenue will be used not only to maintain the NFT Shootout ecosystem, but also provide developers the tools they require to continuously evolve the game; ultimately a fully simulated Football manager inspired blockchain game where you can have complete control over your club.

NFT Shootout Vision

NFTshootout will push the boundaries of blockchain gaming technology to eventually incorporate a management simulation, much like the popular Football manager series. believe that it would be a huge step to create a football management simulation where you would be able to build your club from the ground up by buying and selling players with ease. Have total control of your team and lineup, so you can influence the outcome of your PVP (Player versus Player) matches. would like to be able to create an environment where our gamers work and play can be combined.

Stadium Owners

NFTshootout Owners of stadiums will earn passive income from all winning games played on their stadium. will be minting stadiums roughly at a rate of 1 stadium to 100 players to ensure all stadium owners earn good passive income. Stadium owners will also earn a share in any future advertising revenue from banners placed inside their stadiums. To own a stadium, you must stake shoo token for at least 6 months up to 12 months. All staked tokens are fully refundable including all reflections earned during that time. Ideal for holders that want to earn passive income at the same time. Stadium owners are free to sell their stadium for a profit on the marketplace anytime even if its staked.

Scholar Programmer

NFTshootout The Scholar Programme will work in a similar way to Axie Infinity. When a manager owns enough NFT player cards, they can allow a scholar to play the game for them. Any In-Game token winnings will then be split dependent on the agreement. can also loan our NFT cards to scholars to pay off over time. Scholar managers will be incentivised to hire more scholars as they will be rewarded with upgraded cards the more scholars they signup.

Affiliate Program

NFTshootout affiliate program will allow anyone to sell NFTs from marketplace using their unique affiliate URL upon signup. Affiliates will earn 10% per sale. Affiliates are free to post their affiliate URL on their social media ro find buyers.

Youth Scout & Coach rewards

In order for new players to join the game, a youth scout coach NFT cards are required. These cards allow you to sell your newly minted player NFT cards to list them on the marketplace. To mint new youth player, you must buy the in-game token to start the process. You are free to sell or loan to scholars