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Technixhosting Web Hosting Review: Start Building your web presence.

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About Technixhosting

Welcome to the Technixserv IT solutions Support Knowledge Base. Here, they have listed detailed information regarding all your current Product and Service offerings and answers to possibly all your queries. The Technixhosting IT solutions Support KB has been divided into categories indicating a particular Interface or a particular Product/Service. These have been further logically divided into sub-categories and answers, detailing a particular action or query.

Technixhosting understand that data is the lifeblood of most companies today and organizations increasingly require 100% uptime, where data is constantly online and accessible. They have therefore implemented solid solutions that allows you to protect your data in the unfortunate event of software malfunction, system failure, events of loss of data due to hacking or viruses etc.

Some Quick Facts Technixhosting Web Hosting

TechnixhostingBasic Details
Hosting NameTechnixhosting
PriceRs.108.00per mo
Call Support91-7892876810
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Technixhosting Price

File Structure

Technixhosting solutions’s Plesk hosting servers will check for the existence of one of the below files and based on the order specified below, display it’s content as the home page, when anyone tries to list the content of any folder/directory. Now, if you were to upload two or more files from amongst the list given above, then the one mentioned higher in the order would be considered as the home page. So in the event that there exists an index.php and default.htm file within the same folder, then the index.php file will get considered as the home page.

What is Domain Backorder?

Domain Backordering is a service that lets you acquire a registered domain the moment it becomes available for registration again. Every day millions of domain names expire and get deleted due to non-renewal or explicit deletion of domain names. Your backordering service keeps a track of your selected domain name and monitors it regularly to attempt to grab the domain the moment it becomes available for registration again. 

The Domain Backorder service can only be used for the domain name that it has been purchased for. You cannot transfer it to another domain. Domain Backorder can only be placed for COM and NET domains. Domain Backorder should not be placed for Premium or Reserved names as well. Once your service expires they will stop tracking your domain and the order gets deleted. If you wish to continue monitoring your domain you will need to renew the service before it expires.


Technixhosting use cutting-edge RAID Hardware to protect all data on the server against harddisk failures. This technology works by creating a mirror of all data on more than one harddisk automatically, without any delay i.e. all data is written to multiple harddisks simultanously so that if any harddisk fails, that harddisk will be marked as deactivated and the system will still continue to function as though nothing has happened by using the copy of the data on the other harddisk(s).

The best part is that you do not require to make any changes or special code modifications in your website/web application for this technolgy to function. RAID systems offer a significant advantage over non-RAID systems, both in terms of data protection and ability to maintain 100% uptime, as the system continues to function perfectly in case of disk failures. RAID technology also marginally improves the performance of the various services on the server.

As soon as a harddisk fails, notification alerts are sent out, so that the failed harddisk can be replaced by the system administrators. As such, the system continues to perform normally despite disk failures, using the mirror of the data on the additional harddisk(s).

Daily & Weekly Server Backups 

Important data exists across various locations on a server. Technixhosting subject-matter experts have conducted comprehensive research and have prepared complex backup scripts that automatically maintain copies of all important files and folders, in a secure manner, on a regular pre-defined interval, such that can restore a server in the shortest possible time, in the event of a total failure.

All your services involve your crtitical data. Most of our Products have a built-in Backup Manager that provides comprehensive and cost effective protection by allowing you to define highly flexible backup policies that will protect your critical data. A web-based backup policy manager provides an easy-to-use one-step wizard to define the backup scope, backup frequency and backlogs.

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