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Supernova Airdrop Review: Ultimate Platformfor Staked Assets

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About Supernova Airdrop

Supernova Airdrop is the ‘Ultimate Platform for Staked Assets’. Their goal is to provide all the necessary components for the staked assets, starting with liquid staking. Supernova goes beyond just providing shadow tokens.

Supernova shall enable auto-compounding and also let users to collateralize their shadow tokens to mint stablecoins in Gamma 2. They will also develop a swap called ‘Staked swap’ that is specifically designed for staked assets that will provide a fair swap experience.

Supernova has confirmed to launch an own token called NOVA. Early users who’ve done testnet actions and ATOM stakers may get an airdrop when they launch their token

Token NameSupernova Airdrop
PlatformOwn chain
Total Value200,000,000 NOVA
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join

  1. Visit the Supernova Airdrop website.
  2. Connect your Keplr wallet.
  3. Now change the network to “Champagne” testnet.
  4. Now click on “Faucet” and get test tokens.
  5. Now make swaps, stake tokens and provide liquidity.
  6. They’ve confirmed to launch an own token called NOVA.
  7. Early users who’ve done testnet actions may get an airdrop once they launch their token.
  8. ATOM stakers may also get an airdrop once they launch their token.
  9. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop. It’s only speculation.

How it works

Liquid Staking

  • Stake and mint your snAssets to unlock your liquidity while staking!
  • snAssets also auto-compound your staking reward and provide the best yield
  • You can redeem your assets by burning snAssets
  • They shall bring more updates to add utility to the snAssets!

Staked Swap

  • Swap your shadow tokens through our novel AMM
  • Supernova Airdrop pricing of staked assets has been arbitrary until now on other protocols
  • Supernova’s staked swap will take various factors like unbonding period and interest rate to provide the best swap experience


  • Vote with NOVA and participate in governance on all app-chains through Supernova validator. NOVA will become the linchpin of the governance on Cosmos ecosystem

Supernova Ecosystem

ATOM – Cosmos is the Internet of Blockchains.

OSMOA – chain automated market maker(AMM) with the Cosmos SDK.

JUNOA decentralized, public, permission-less network for cross-chain smart contracts.

Staking Pools

Supernova Airdrop Staking pool is the protocol that allows agents interested in transaction verification to open a pool and let other token holders delegate their shares to them. Staking pool blockchain is attractive because verifiers can get block rewards, and participants can receive incentives through delegation. However, it is also a problem because malicious agents can have a significant stake by operating a staking pool.

Liquid staking Service

The liquid staking service can solve the above two problems. It tokenizes delegated shares and allows them to use them in DeFi. In addition, the service integrates and cost-effectively manages delegations. The liquid staking service is attractive because it allows users to earn profits from the delegation and benefit from using DeFi through shadow tokens. In addition, the service may provide auto-compounding of the interests so that the stakers don’t have to manually take care of the process.

Gamma: Supernova Mainnet

Did you know Gamma Ray Burst? GRB is one of the most emphatic electromagnetic wave emissions in the cosmos. Most GRBs observed are thought to be released during the supernova implodes.

In the Supernova blockchain, Gamma is the name of Supernova Mainnet. Like GRB, Supernova Gamma is the most potent blockchain in Cosmos.

Bounty Tasks

Supernova is a one-stop platform for staked assets, an app-chain based on Cosmos-sdk. The role of validators in the Cosmos app-chain is very important. They have to maintain reasonable uptime, propose new blocks, and participate in the governance. So, delegating tokens to the validator to onboard for the chain is essential for network security and decentralization also.

Therefore, the Supernova Foundation is announcing a validator delegation program so that native staking token, $NOVA, can be delegated to validators.

To earn rewards on the Supernova testnet, submit evidence of having completed the following tasks. The goal is to test the Supernova appchain and module logic.


In short, Gamma number is the version number of the Supernova mainnet, and implies major updates.

Gamma-ray burst is one of the most remarkable astro-phenomenon and the collapse of a supernova is considered to be its origin. Since the collapse of the supernova results in gamma-ray bursts and creates a strong influence across the cosmos, we’ve named our updates ‘Gamma’.

Supernova Airdrop Review: Ultimate Platformfor Staked Assets
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