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What Is Stonk League (Aegis)? Complete Guide Review About Stonk League.

What Is Stonk League (Aegis)?

Individual retail investors are investing in stock markets and crypto currencies directly using apps such as Coinbase / Robinhood without the expert guidance of institutional investment firms. Stonk League are listening to advice from so-called finfluencers or individual retail traders on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok etc. While not all influencers are bad, the good one’s do not have the means to establish or prove their legitimacy and there’s no way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Stonk League retail traders, online trade advisors, youtubers, and finfluencers are attested solely by their own claims there is no true way to verify the competence of individual traders or online trade advice nor is there a reputable firm backing these individuals and their claims.

In contrast, today’s retail traders, online trade advisors, youtubers and finfluencers are attested solely by their own claims. There is no true way to verify the competence of individual traders or online trade advice, nor is there a reputable firm backing these individuals and claims. Because of the nature of this space, regulators lack the resources or tools to manage this effectively.

Stonk League Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameStonk League
Short NameAegis
Circulating Supply11,000,000.00 Aegis
Total Supply1,100,000,000
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Stonk Fantasy Gaming

By creating a layer of abstraction, in the form of fantasy gaming, enable people to develop skills, play on their instincts and benefit from the upsides of making correct predictions, while being protected from the downsides of adverse market setbacks. Stonk League Fantasy Gaming, they can garner the upsides purely based on outperforming peers and fellow players with respect to the live market, rather than from outperforming the market itself. This is a new form of market exposure for the retail investors.

It allows for people to build and create a trusted self-regulated environment to compete, learn and win. The market regulators can also effectively monitor a safer market environment, minus the interventionism, which is largely unnecessary for this space. Stonk League the several ways this can be achieved, they will use fantasy games and a combination of metrics by capturing variables such as directional sentiment, market performance, game results, date / time of the game, duration of the game, type of game etc.

All of which are then fed into an algorithm which determines the leaderboard that will tabulate the various traders. The trader’s position on the leaderboard will also result in proportionate points earned –these points are in turn grouped into different tiers and each tier unlocks their ability to earn Stonk token.

Native Gaming Token

The name Stonk League The aegis stated in the Iliad, is a device carried by Athena and Zeus, variously interpreted as an animal skin or a shield and sometimes featuring the head of a Gorgon. There may be a connection with a deity named Aex or Aix, a daughter of Helios and a nurse of Zeus or alternatively a mistress of Zeus (Hyginus, Astronomica 2. 13). The modern concept of doing something “under someone’s aegis” means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source.

Before explain how AEGIS works, it’s important to understand a few key elements that make-up the board. Stonk League have Points, Score and Tiers. Points are earned by playing Stonk Games and these points are cumulative and have a lifetime value, as they belong to the players once they earn them. These points are called ROCI points. ROCINANTE, the famous Don Quixote’s horse. It is also Corvette-class light Frigate with multiple roles from the TV show, Expanse. ROCI is also a well-known acronym — Return on Capital Invested.

The Stonk Analyzer

Using these comparisons, they will be able to “quantify” the finfluencer’s success as it relates to actual market performance. Stonk League a combination of factors, they can ascertain as to how successful the finfluencer’s are with their market predictions, determine the risk level of their predictions and their historical profitability. Some of the variables that will be modeled include their accuracy, directional sentiment, frequency of their change in positions among other factors to determine their probability of investment success.

Stonk League they will be able to create the top-10, top-100 and top-300 call-makers as well as determine the constituents of the index itself. Going forward, they will look to also implement new strategies based on historical results and devise a way of computing using Markov Chain (probability of making more money than previous year). They will also attempt to develop new methods for using stochastic volatility methods, in addition to well-known mathematical methods such as Black-Scholes model.

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