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About became a company in the crypto-mining sphere in 2014 in England. At that time they , a small group of crypto-enthusiasts, decided to establish first cryptocurrency mining farm, abandoning the then usual mining based on the use of graphics cards in favor of professional equipment. And now, after some time, they are ready to present to you experience and efforts – the star-miner cloud mining project.

Star-miner allows you to engage in cryptocurrency mining from anywhere in the world, and main goal is to make cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of the initial contribution, experience, or technical knowledge of the user. They provide an opportunity to mine cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum,and Litecoin) using equipment located in the data centers, as well as in the computing centers of partners. maintenance of the mining equipment and technical support of clients is ensured by company’s experts, whose many years of experience guarantee the safety and reliability of the service. star-miner uses only the most efficient equipment, which not only positively affects mining, but also makes Mining Plan prices one of the most affordable on the market.

Min Deposit$100.00
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
Website LinkHomepage

How Do Start Earning

The process is fast and simple.

  1. You register at
  2. You choose a contract and pay for it
  3. We activate the computing power
  4. Your selected pool begins reward accrual


They will make your investment returns grow steadily in a very safe way.

Made to be easy

A convenient toolkit and simple withdrawals — the dashboard is intuitively comprehensible to novices and professionals alike.

Fixed fees No hidden fees or commissions, every transaction is transparent and visible on your dashboard.

Secure & Private

They support cryptocurrencies that promote privacy, so they strive to keep collected user data to a minimum and only ask for information that is mandatory from a regulatory perspective.

Strong Protection Customer security is a big priority for us. They constantly work on improving our system and level of security to minimize any potential risks.

Alliance Referral Program

If any user signs up through your referral links and makes purchases, then you receive a commission of 3% on all the purchases made by them.

Protected Website are using one of the most experienced, professional, and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.

Cloud mining gives you passive income

Cloud mining allows you to use the computing power of mining equipment hosted in specialized data centers without owning or maintaining the equipment. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency mining which involves significant difficulties, cloud mining gives users a unique opportunity to start mining instantly. Generate regular passive income without the hassle of purchasing expensive bulky hardware or the need to obtain in-depth technical knowledge.

Create Account

Fill in the form and get ready to start mining in under than 1 minute

Choose Plan

Create a user profile for yourself using the register option.


Select the plan from our list of your liking and get started.

Get Profit

Wait for to utilize the money and return you a good profit. Cloud Mining Review: All New Users will Get a $10 sign-up Bonus.

Profit Calculator

You must know the calculation before investing in any plan, so you never make mistakes. Check the calculation and you will get as the calculator says.

Why Choose Us goal is to utilize our investors money and provide a source of high income for them while minimizing the any possibility of risk.


They are an international company having client from different countries around the world.


The platform supports all types of cryptocurrency having an easy investment system.

Reliable are very reliable as a huge number of people trust . They conduct safe and secure services.


They are a certified company doing legal business in the legal field. We operate international business.

Secure constantly work on improving our system and level of security to minimize any potential risks.


The professional traders will utilize your money making sure to get a good profit for you.

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