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What Is Spywolf ($SPY)? Complete Guide & Review About Spywolf

What Is Spywolf ($SPY)?

Spywolf is a team of crypto security experts that have been performing audits for projects for a few months in order to ensure safety on the crypto space. started noticing so many people were being scammed over and over without anybody they could reach out to. No laws or rules available, allowing any criminal to trick investors into stealing their hard-earned money with just a few clicks. People lack the knowledge to prevent from falling for obvious scams. The space is too new and criminals are taking advantage of that.

Spywolf Due to experience identifying red flags and potential scams, decided to start own “safe space” for the community to seek help and learn how not to fall for scams while allowing them to invest in safer projects. After channel grew significantly, decided to turn community into a bigger project to reach as many people as possible that could use all the help were providing, while also providing some unique tools to help them invest safely. This is how the SPY token was born. A utility token that will focus on reducing crypto scams as well as providing resources to the community that will focus on their safety and security.

Spywolf ($SPY) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSpywolf
Short Name($SPY)
Max SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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How Does Holding $SPY Help The Crypto Space?

Spywolf When you hold token, you are directly contributing into the search, tracking and potentially stopping of crypto criminals and their future projects as well as helping alert the community about potential scams and educate them on how to identify them, while getting a financial incentive for holding long-term.

Find & Stop Crypto Criminals

While this won’t be an easy task, there are plenty of ways to identify scammers’ identities and track their moves. full-time investigation team will focus on finding as much information as possible about these perpetrators to eventually present the evidence to network of crypto-focused lawyers to assist us into taking legal action against them.

Less Scams, More SAFU Projects

Spywolf experts take pride in being able to identify most scams before they happen. will have dedicated researchers go through most of the daily scheduled launches and perform a quick analysis to find anything suspicious and add all their findings to upcoming portal. will also feature known scams, “most likely” safe tokens and all projects certified by us.

Financial Incentive for Holders

Spywolf have created plenty of financial incentives that will make holding $SPY attractive to new investors. From receiving reflections in BNBs, to adding profits that come from paid audits and portal’s ad space back into the LP, and even an upcoming NFT project that rewards $SPY holders. goal is to bring money in from many angles to keep a healthy chart!

Join the SpyWolf Network

Spywolf .Network is a web portal that showcases both free content as well as future exclusive features that will be accessible by token holders. From exposing multi-token scams to posting all the potential scams being released and even projects consider trusted. full-time researchers will take care of all the due diligence for you!

Visit SpyWolf.Network

Scam Investigations

Spywolf come across tons of scams on a daily basis. Some are multi-million dollar, multi-project scams and some are smaller teams that just want to take advantage of investors. We’ll have a dedicated section with the many scams are investigating with a brief analysis and case status.

Trusted Projects

Spywolf team has been in the crypto game for a long time, know a good project and team when see them. also belong to a big network of trusted devs and investors that makes identifying safe projects extremely easy. With the help of our research team and auditors, we’ll showcase an exclusive list of projects that are “most likely” safe to invest in. Of course, always DYOR!

Potential Scams

Spywolf team will browse through the daily token releases and do a brief analysis to find any obvious red flags. We’ll add all the upcoming projects with a harmful score that will help you make better decisions when doing your own research and avoid falling for the usual scams.

Projects Certified by SpyWolf

Spywolf Because are an auditing company, analyze, certify and KYC tons of projects. Teams that are trustworthy are a dime a dozen and they deserve to be seen by the community. We’ll provide a list of these tokens that even though they have already been launched, many have a lot of potential to grow while providing a safety net to their investors.