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Spixhost Web Hosting Review: SpixHostWebsite Hosting & Development Services.

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About Spixhost

A truly decentralized public Spixhost network which enables mobile devices, PC, Cloud/ Data Center servers to run as nodes. Enables worldwide use (7B people) and 10T devices to run simultaneously, with millions TPS and seconds latenc. 1000x speed increase; fully secure, low power consumption (10^-9)x and super low transaction cost ($0.05/T. An infrastructure with expandable throughput which can enable enterprise level decentralized applications. The next decade of Cryptos will be crucial to the success of the Blockchain while focus positively on developing a Fully Decentralized Exchange all based on Smart Contracts.

Many people never supported it , they called it “Rat Poison Squared” because there is nothing in it for them and there is absolutely no incentive monetarily and financially to at least study how it can benefit our society. Spixhost never focus on the negatives and company applaud all the challenges that early adopters, investors and speculators have taken in the first decade.They continue to venture into the unknown together with uncertainties of regulatory bodies around the world due to geopolitics.

Some Quick Facts Spixhost Web Hosting

SpixhostBasic Details
Hosting NameSpixhost
PriceRs.125 /mo
Email SupportN/A
Call Support03-111-222-735
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Spixhost Price

Future Of Spixhost

The introduction of the Spixhost system supporting the smart contract represented by Ethereum has created new opportunities for the development of blockchain applications. Based on the trusted execution environment of the blockchain system, the smart contract platform enable complex operation of various digital assets on the blockchain, and open the door to rich decentralized application program (DApp).

The development of digital currency trading system and smart contract application requires high performance and scalability of the system. However, the current mainstream public chain system has low performance and high cost, and it cannot provide fast and efficient services and a good user experience.

Blockchain Technology

Spixhost technology can be of great value to all walks of life in both the technical and economic aspects. As long as there is a need to trust, blockchain technology can be used to build trust at very low cost and with high efficiency. Blockchain technology has changed the production relationship. For thousands of years, transaction security has been guaranteed by reliable third-party intermediaries, such as banks, insurance companies, Alipay, real estate agents, etc., which help build trust.

Now they are able to complete transactions at a very low cost and with higher efficiency through technology in a peer-to-peer manner without the need for third-party intermediaries. The blockchain market is a market of several trillions of dollars. After UnikoinGold’s token sale, the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established guidelines which, applied retroactively, raised many questions with regards to the future of UKG.

They priority was in growing and innovating the Unikrn platform while trying to find common ground with the SEC that would allow us to promote the merits of UKG. Short of that, other option was to reach settlement on UKG’s past and discontinue it moving forward so that company energies could be effectively directed.

Partner Platforms

Spixhost created the Unikoin in 2015 to give customers and fans from around the world the ability to earn, redeem, and play on the Unikrn platform. Due to the growth and interest in the Unikoin, UnikoinGold was created in the fall of 2017 as a product intended to give bettors, esports fans and gamers the best-possible experience on Unikrn and partner platforms. Since the original sale of UnikoinGold, Unikrn over-delivered on the promises made in its pre-sale documents and has poured tremendous work and innovation into the world of esports and wagering.

This includes creating a gaming platform with unprecedented breadth which was recognized by leading wagering industry awards for Esportsbook of the Year 2019 and Innovation of the Year 2020. Despite the growth of the platform since 2017, they have been working to establish regulatory clearance in the USA for UKG. They invested in the best legal advice they could find and continue to openly work with regulators. A company hands were tied in terms of what could and couldn’t do without regulator guidance.

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