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SIF Token Ico Review: Token Powered by Binance Smart Chain

About SIF Token

SIF TOKEN is a SIFIRINCIFILO initiative that takes its power from binance smart chain. The purpose of existence is to provide funds for the project and initiative ecosystem created. For this reason, They will provide funding support to SIFIRINCIFILO initiatives, not just to be traded in the markets.

This shows that there is always an infinite transformation for. When you, esteemed stakeholders, have SIF Token , you will also support many project owners and entrepreneurs. In addition, we plan to offer many ways to obtain SIF TOKEN for you and continue work on it.

You will be able to earn SIF TOKEN with games in development and various competitions. The aim is to always make valuable in an endless cycle and to provide future profits to our investors. With the ecosystem we have created, you can buy, exchange, earn and sell.

SIF TOKEN Key Information

Token SymbolSIF
Fundraising GoalN/A
Tokens were produced2,100,000,000
Total Token  10,000,000,000
Social SupportJoin us on Telegram
Call(+44) 786 279 4462
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

What is Crypto?

The word crypto can be thought of as the act of hiding, secret. cryptology is a set of studies developed to prevent unwanted information from falling into the hands of unwanted people.

What does it mean cryptocurrencies?

From the first money ordered to be produced by the Lydian king before Christ until today, the economy has been based on concrete values.It was inevitable that this 2700-year-old tradition would evolve into another dimension thanks to technology.

What makes an ICO project safe?

ICO projects must have a roadmap. Project content and aim should be specified. There should be reasonable rates for token allocation. It should be priced in proportion to the total amount of supply and the amount of investment.

How can i find SIF?

It comes from the name of the team that created the project idea. The SIFirincifilo team wanted to make a reference to mythology while adding a piece of its own name to its initiative to raise funds with crypto assets.

Who is SIF?

A hero in Norse mythology. Thor’s lover is Heimdall’s sister. Her golden blonde hair represents abundance.

Why SIF?

They believed that SIF TOKEN, who is also a goddess of harvest, will bring us abundance and fertility.She is very rare to find a perfect thing that combines power, abundance, splendor and harmony.

SIF of present?

Sif has inspired the name of a volcano on the planet Venus. SIF TOKEN characterization in modern media tends to be much more martial than in the original sources. The Marvel Comics character, Sif, is based on the Sif of Norse myth and is portrayed by Jaimie Alexander in the Marvel Studios film Thor. Video games as “Great Grey Wolf Sif”


Q1 2019

Creating the SIFIRINCIFILO ecosystem idea and the core team.

Q3 2019

To review purchases and ideas to the team

Q1 2020

Preparation of accounting solutions for token launch

Q2 2020

Starting token trials and planning the roadmap

Q1 2021

Creating trial TOKEN on BSC Blockchain

Q1 2021

Distribution of SIF TOKEN within the ecosystem

Q2 2021

The officially launches during SIF TOKEN launchpad ICO

Q2 2021

The List on major crypto decentralised exchanges

Q4 2021

The evaluation and adding value in SIFIRINCIFILO

Q1 2022


Q2 2022

Connecting the with major investment funds and partners

Q3 2022

Establishing the sustainable ecosystem for people

Q4 2022

Global firms and finance with SIF TOKEN as the reference currency


They are a team of creative professionals working together, With you they build brands and bring ideas to life. They work with love and passion to provide you with the best that you can think of.

SIF Token Ico Review: Token Powered by Binance Smart Chain

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