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Serveris Web Hosting Review: Choose the most suitable service for you.

About Serveris

If you have not yet activated your partnership program and have not yet experienced that you can reduce or completely cover the costs of server services for service recommendations, they invite you to join and take advantage of the opportunity. Each new order of server services through your referral link brings a 20% commission on the amount of the order to your affiliate program account, which you can use to pay for existing and new services. The most frequently ordered website hosting service plan P1 costs EUR 43.09 per year. 20% commission from the order amount is 8.62 EUR.Let’s say you are also on the P1 hosting plan, with 5 referrals per year you can cover all the server costs.

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Some Quick Facts Serveris Web Hosting

ServerisBasic Details
Hosting NameServeris
Price1.99 EUR/year
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+370 615 85125
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Serveris Price

Access Ethereum Data

Serveris understand the data needs of Ethereum applications. From Shackleton entries to enterprise solutions, your APIs are made for you. Scale your application with the API plan that’s appropriate for it. Etherscan’s API infrastructure ensures reliable delivery of up-to-date data. Provide and display blockchain data within your applications easily. API Pro accounts will be activated within 24 hours after username and email has been received. As a means to provide equitable access to blockchain data, we’ve developed the Ether scan Ethereum Developer APIs to empower developers with direct access to Etherscan’s block explorer data and services via GET/POST requests.


Serveris and guides on how to use Ether scan, new features, and additional tools provided to the Ethereum community users. There is an overwhelming amount of data that can be extracted from the Ethereum blockchain. They helped you take the first steps by writing some thorough tutorials on how to query and derive popular blockchain metrics. For power users, they also added guides such as how you can pro grammatically verify contracts through API calls and more advanced use cases of endpoints.


Serveris announcements for maintenance, releases, implementations, and updates on Etherscan. Answers for questions on topics ranging from the basics of Ethereum to the features of your platform frequently asked by your users. Analyses and insights on Ethereum blockchain from the block explorer, made simple and approachable for the end user. Tutorials and guides for token owners and creators on everything specific to your Token and Dapp Update features.


Serveris depth and detailed breakdowns and explanations on technical issues faced by developers involving Ethereum. The Constructor Arguments are automatically appended to the end of the contract source byte code when the contract is compiled by Solidity. When verifying the contract source code at Etherscan they require that you also provide.

The Constructor Arguments (if the contract required these) used when deploying your Ethereum Smart contract. Serveris will use this information to perform a blockchain search to see if it matches with the existing byte codes. Thorough and digestible articles useful for new and casual users of Etherscan that cover your general functions and terms.


Serveris making buy and sell transactions of the same asset at the same time and profiting from a difference in prices. Typically done across different markets, it is also possible to do by manipulating transaction ordering within the same block. Solidity, assert(false) compiles to 0xfe, an invalid opcode, which uses up all remaining gas and reverts all changes. When an assert() statement fails, something very wrong and unexpected should be happening, and you will need to fix your code. You should use assert to avoid conditions which should never, ever occur.

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