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Serveriem Web Hosting Review: Reliable hosting and virtual servers.

About Serveriem

GitHub employees love to volunteer virtually and in their local communities. Every hour that employees volunteer, they will receive a $20 credit to donate to a nonprofit of their choice, up to $15,000. When an employee donates to a nonprofit that they care about, be it human rights or climate change organizations, Serveriem match each donation dollar for dollar, up to $15,000. GitHub employees participate each December in your giving campaign to raise funds for your local communities.

In 2020, as a company, they raised over $2 million for nonprofits around the world. Serveriem is a Play2Earn + SHIB-Reflection token, so holders can win money playing the official game and also get $SHIB directly to their wallets by just holding $FSINU. The official game has already been launched and the team is already working in some big new features that will revolutionist the BSC.

Some Quick Facts Serveriem Web Hosting

ServeriemBasic Details
Hosting NameServeriem
Price1.38 €
Email Supportinfo@proweb.l
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Serveriem Price

Official Game

Serveriem is not another meme token promising to release a game in the future, it aims to become SHIBA’s official game and everyone can play NOW. Each transaction has a 3% fee that is distributed among the winners with daily prizes and special events with bigger amounts of money. Everyone can play but only holders are eligible for the prizes. Remember to connect your wallet when playing so your scores are saved!

$SHIB Rewards

Serveriem is designed to reward its holders with $SHIB, so you get one of the best tokens directly to your wallet by just holding $FSINU. There is not a minimum amount of tokens required to get rewards, so just buy an amount you feel comfortable with and HOLD. So the more you hold the more $SHIB you receive. Having a passive income is great because the project is big and high volume is expected. They will have big marketing campaigns even before launch.

This puppy is ambitious and has the clear objective of becoming Shiba’s favourite game. Therefore marketing is necessary to spread the word so investors get to know the next big BSC token. Communities play an important role, but the team has to deliver and use the marketing fees to reach the top positions in every crypto advertisement website.


Having a liquidity fee is important to reduce price impact and also to keep the token price stable. So with every transaction there will be an amount of BNB added to the liquidity pool, ensuring long term stability of the project. Liquidity will be locked for at least 6 months, so there is no possibility of a rug pull or a pump and dump. Serveriem are crypto investors just like you, and understand how difficult it is to find good investment opportunities and not losing money to one scam after the other. That’s why Flappy Shiba Inu’s dev is doxxed by Pinksale.

He handed over his government ID for verification because transparency and honesty go first. Whales are always welcome to Serveriem, but with moderation. That’s why wallets are limited to a maximum amount of 2% of the total supply. Projects that have big whales are not attractive to new investors since price drops are very likely to happen. Furthermore, a 0.5% of the total supply transaction limit has been implemented. These limitations help the project to grow organically and healthy.

Sign up for a non-profit account

GitHub non-profit accounts are designed for official non-profit organizations that are non-government, non-academic, non-commercial, non-political in nature, and have no religious affiliation. Qualifying non-profits are eligible for a Team account with unlimited private repositories and unlimited users. Clients are to provide accurate client information.

Failure to provide the real accurate info such as name, address, email address and phone number, North Networking AS reserves the right to refuse to serve the client in question. North Networking also reserves the right to cancel any active services where client information has intentionally been entered wrongly to try to conceal the client identity.

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