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spot_imgspot_img (SERENE) Coin Guide & Detailed Review (SERENE) Coin Guide & Detailed Review

About is an algorithmic protocol on the Fantom Opera network. They expect to deploy a variety of unorthodox investing and treasury management strategies to ensure that we can sustain the Treasury and keep the protocol in expansion as much as possible. They have also found a massive opportunity in standard emissions modeling and developed an inverse emissions curve. It allows us to counteract typical inflationary behavior and ramp up emissions from launch instead of decreasing emissions over time.

A Decentralized fluid economic protocol designed for blue-chip crypto investors. Earn sustainable yields on their ETH holdings (High yields compared to the traditional 5% on ETH staking offered by some centralized exchanges) created by a doxed, well-known team in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Basic Points Table

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameSERENE
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Serenity Capital Management is a California-based hedge fund manager founded in August 2016 by Wang Chen, a former partner at Tiger Global Management. The firm invests in Greater China-based companies, with a focus on technology and internet stocks.

Registered office address C/O Kadel Solutions Ltd 5 Castle Mount Offices, Victoria Place, Axminster, Devon, England, EX13 5NH

The Serenity Capital ecosystem consists of two tokens:

Serene, the Peg token which follows to the value of ETH via seigniorage and economic incentives. Pebble, the share token which users can hold to earn a part of Serene expansion (therefore benefiting from the protocol’s growth)

How to Earn

In order to earn yields on Serenity Capital investors have to provide liquidity.

Safest Option

Buy Serene with wETH (equal to 50% of your desired investment) and pair it with wETH to earn pebble. Link to Buy and Liquidity links from redemption.

Some Risk

Buy Pebble with wETH (equal to 50% of your desired investment) and pair it with wETH to earn pebble. Link to Buy and Liquidity links from redemption.

High Risk/Reward

Buy Pebble with wETH and deposit in the Jar to earn Serene rewards. This could be a lucrative play for the seasoned investor willing to accept more risk.

The Magic of Compounding Interest.

By constantly compounding rewards investors are able to earn interest on their interest and exponentially grow their investment. For the longevity of the protocol and personal financial stability they recommend: staking 80% of earned PBL in the Jar, take 20% profits in the form of wETH. Using earned Serene from the Jar to pair with wETH, creating additional liquidity which can be deposited for incremental gains.

What is the main benefit of Decentralized exchanges over Centralized exchanges?

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) allow users to execute peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a third party or an intermediary. Due to some of the issues associated with centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges are preferred by some users.


PBL is one of the ways to measure the value of the Serenity Capital protocol.

During expansion phases, SERENE will be minted and distributed proportionally amongst the stakeholders who deposited their PBL in The Jar

PBL 0x9a2d0935E6CC558aaBa4EbD280F03A74b4752ADd

PBL has a maximum total supply of 10,000 tokens

The Team Behind Serenity Capital (SERENE) Coin Guide & Detailed Review


Phase 1

  • KYC by Ape o’ Clock
  • Magik AC for LPs with a deflationary SERENE burning mechanic
  • Rotating farms for Pebble allocation
    • Implemented farms for RARER, 2omb and 3omb
    • Not expecting any more rotating farms in the future
  • Audit once the protocol is fully launched
  • NFT collection (launched)

Phase 2

  • GameFi games to support SERENE burning and exciting prizes for participants
  • Expanding the Serenity BTC Farm
  • Listing on DeBank, CMC and CG

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