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Rumahweb Web Hosting Review: Get Your Business Online Now with Indonesian Web Hosting.

About Rumahweb

Create a website and email for your business and start going global with an Indonesian web hosting service from Rumahweb. Get hosting with the best speed and security for only IDR 99,000 a year. You need a domain name and cheap web hosting service to create a website. Domain is the name of your website, while hosting is needed to store and publish the website. Once you have an Indonesian domain and web hosting, you can create your own website using the website builder provided by Rumahweb or using WordPress if you are a more advanced user. But if you don’t have time, you can use your website creation services where you just have to prepare the content.

Rumahweb creating a website, you need hosting to store website files on a server so that they can be accessed from the internet. Hosting can also store email, where you can create emails with your own domain on a web hosting service. In layman, domain can be understood as a name for a website. For example, the domain name for the Rumahweb website is Domains are not only used for websites, they are also used for email such as

Some Quick Facts Rumahweb Web Hosting

RumahwebBasic Details
Hosting NameRumahweb
PriceIDR 12,000/year
Call Support021-25556765
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Rumahweb Price

Professional Impression

In order for your business to be found and connect with customers on the internet, you need an online presence. The fastest way is to use social media, but at the next level you will need a domain and website (and of course hosting) to be able to contain more complete, structured information, and also give your business a professional impression. Rumahweb having a domain and hosting, you can also create an email for your business with your own domain name such as Corresponding with branded emails will certainly bring a more professional and bona fide impression than using free emails.

Representation of your brand

Social media is timeline-based, while websites are structure-based. Because it’s timeline-based, old posts will sink into the stack of new posts so the information will sink too. Visitors have to scroll and search to find certain information. Therefore, social media is more appropriate to use to provide updates quickly. The website uses a menu model so that the information displayed is more structured and easy to find.

Rumahweb website also uses a domain name which is a representation of your brand in cyberspace. Having a website will also enhance your professional image. Another advantage, by having a website which of course also has a domain, then you can create a company email with your own domain name, instead of using a free email. This facility is included in the web hosting service used for your website.

Hosting Service

Indonesian web hosting, such as Rumahweb, places its servers in an Indonesian datacenter whose network is directly connected to local internet exchanges such as IIX, OpenIXP, CDIX, etc. so that website visitors from Indonesia will access your website faster. If your website visitors are mostly located in Indonesia, then an Indonesian hosting service is the right choice because of course the speed will be more optimal than if you use a hosting service whose servers are located abroad.

Virtual Accounts

Rumahweb will immediately activate domain and hosting services when your payment can be verified by the system. If you use online payment methods such as virtual accounts, QRIS, credit cards, and others, the service will be activated immediately without the need for confirmation. Meanwhile, if you use the Bank transfer payment method, you must confirm the payment made. Your billing department will verify and once the payment can be verified, the service will be activated immediately.

However, please note that there are some services that cannot be activated immediately. For example, such as domains with the extension,, and other extensions that have requirements. The domain will be activated when your requirements can be verified by your Registrar. Some examples of other services are SSL with OV (Organization Verification) and EV (Extended Verification) types.

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