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What Is Recast1 Coin (R1) ? Complete Guide & Review About Recast1 Coin

What Is Recast1 Coin (R1) ?

Recast1 Coin (R1) The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created about 13 years ago and since then the Crypto Industry has been growing tremendously. The extreme price volatility of cryptocurrencies prevents them to be a real instrument. It is hard to foresee the price movements of cryptocurrencies. Imagine ordering a cup of coffee and its price tripled before you finish it. No one is willing to use a currency that can double or halve its value within a short time. Again, no trader is willing to be paid by a currency whose value can drop significantly before the transaction is completed. The situation is more problematic in advanced transactions. Price volatility will put either party at a serious disadvantage in deferred payments, such as term loans or business contracts, and will make existing digital currencies extremely expensive to use in these environments.

Recast1 Coin (R1) embraces the feature of transparency of Bitcoin and ensures stability for trading operations only where users define it. We provide something different for our users with our unique and innovative algorithm. The important thing to remember is that no other project offers its users this level of service. The owners of Recast1 will never, ever pay commissions. They will be rewarded for their actions, on the contrary. To look at it another way, anyone who transfers R1 will receive R1 in their wallet as a gift. The R1 economy’s annual supply growth is quite restricted, and the rewards can be addressed thanks to the limited supply increase.The limited supply growth provides us with ease of use and long-term assurance.

Recast1 Coin (R1) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRecast1 Coin
Short Name (R1)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply10,000,000,000
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Recast1 Coin (R1) Coin uses The Consensus Monetary Algorithm to maintain a persistent demand for Recast1 among users who require transactions. Because of the ongoing demand, liquidity rises.

Commercial Use

Recast1 Coin (R1) Thanks to R1-Coin’s Consensus Monetary Algorithm with an hourly variable reward structure, R1-Coin is perfect for users who need to make transfers every day. As a result, users who use R1-Coin in their transfers avoid paying transfer fees and earn incentives instead of paying fees.

Consensus Monetary Algorithm

Recast1 Coin (R1) The algorithm provides different incentives in different time periods by measuring the user demand. In this way, it maintains current demand and supports growth in user demand.

What is Consensus Monetary Algorithm

Recast1 Coin (R1) Consensus Monetary Algorithm not only shields consumers against inflation, but it also consolidates the demand more precisely by offering different incentives every hour based on incoming transfer demand. As a result, Recast1 becomes extremely beneficial.

Will There Be Burning In Recast1?

The mainnet of Recast1-Coin does not collect fees for transactions, however it does charge fees for the smart contracts that operate on the network. These fees are accumulated in a pool and burned in accordance with the monthly demand and supply balance.

Why We Use the Transfer Average?

Recast1 Coin (R1) If we used an algorithm with the average transfer volume, we would not be able to measure the number of users. Then, we would not know the demand, and the incentive could reach only a small group of users. An increase in supply without the demand of users would lower the price, but the number of transfers is always directly proportionate to the number of users. Each network has a maximum transfer limit, but multiple variables are required to determine the maximum volume. When the network reaches its maximum transfer limit, users’ responses to the incentive will indicate clearer results on the price.