What Is Realliq? (REALLIQ) Complete Guide Review About Realliq.

What Is Realliq? (REALLIQ) Complete Guide Review About Realliq.

What is Realliq?

Realliq Coin stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network. REALLIQ is a platform created to ensure the safety and convenience way to invest in crypto assets on DeFi. Platform simplifies the liquidity, staking and provides better farming platform for you and built to manage your funds into long-term assets that are safe and comfortable.

They will provide the best experience for you in investing in the block chain world and let your assets do the work for you. Parent of several products in the block chain world that will produce a well performing APY for you. And become one of your right investment choices.

Realliq Coin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRealliq Coin
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 REALLIQ
Total Supply100,000,000
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Realliq Coin create a secure platform to store your crypto assets, where the platform has passed a strict audit process from the internal team. For you as a new users in DeFi, please do not worry about your crypto asset security system as the function of all assessments that they do are to inform you on how safe it is to store your crypto assets in the DeFi and DEX space.

Multi Product.

The realliq ecosystem team will also make several products in one asset. Like NFT GAME and marketplace, where every profit, will be able to increase the APR that you can get.

Real Asset.

The ecosystem team will make real businesses where they will include every profit in the APR calculation which can increase the interest income of your assets.

As always, they will focus on growing the token and community that can
sustain growth for decades.

Every quarter Realliq will continue to assess what is delivering the highest value for the holders. As always, they will review market trends and build feature sets that can thrive in a bull or bear market.


One Stop Crytocurrency

They called in an one stop crypto as all crypto needs are available in the ecosystem. Where all of it has been verified by doxed developer. Kala Finance for Kala Wallet, Swap and NFT Marketplace Gpro for Locker and Launch Pad Triton Project for Voting, Website & Advertising Tokenoid for Games & Metaverse


Why are they confident to ensure our holders security? It is because all tokens community in realliq has been through a strict verification process.

a. Smart Contract checking
b. KYC for all developer team
c. Youtube Live, for project detail explanation, starting
from the timeline, target until marketing strategy to
ensure a stabilized price.

Collaboration / Investment

Fears that normally faced by average holder from a token are the price fluctuation that unpredictable and the ability from developer whether they could manage the market
and lastly to manage the marketing funds to ensure an increasing numbers of holders consistently.

Realliq Coin created to help the financial needs of every tokens that are in the community. Apart from that, also ensure all the funds are well managed for holder needs.


REALLIQ’s vision is to be one of your best choice of platforms for investing in crypto assets which gives you an excellent opportunity to invest and hence become the best token and community in the cryptocurrency world. The mission of is to provide and filtering the best products as part of the realliq ecosystem. Hence it can increase the growth and stability of cryptocurrency assets in general.


Realliq Coin With the rapid development of blockchain and the DeFi space. Where many people take advantage of this situation to carry out actions that can harm real investors. We from the REALLIQ team did a research in the blockchain world to make real investors invest comfortably.

The staking and farming platform that they created, you can store your crypto assets safely and profitably where the team from realliq will continue to develop and provide safe and guaranteed financial benefits for you.