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Realhost Web Hosting Review: Why do your clients choose RealHOST hosting?.

About Realhost

High availability of services is ensured by duplication of communication channels, power supply and fault-tolerant disk subsystem. A sufficient amount of free resources allows you to evenly distribute the load on all servers of the cluster. in this case, in the domain parameters, you need to change the NS servers of the domain to the following:,, To transfer the domain, you need to send the domain transfer code to, which you can get from the current domain registrar. After they receive the transfer code, the domain will be transferred and managed on RealHOST hosting.

Some Quick Facts Realhost Web Hosting

RealhostBasic Details
Hosting NameRealhost
Call Support+ (38)044 303-98-25 
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Realhost Price

Hosting Service

The hosting billing system automatically sends reminders to contact e-mails when the deadline for payment and extension of hosting services is approaching. In a situation where the ordered hosting service was not extended on time, it is automatically stopped and the provision of the service is blocked. During a certain period, they store your account, including all sites, domains, servers, and leave all settings unchanged.

At any time, you can top up your balance and extend the validity of the service. A few days before the end of the storage period of the disabled hosting service, the billing system sends a warning about the approaching date of account deletion. After the expiration of the storage period, the service, all data and settings are permanently deleted.

Reliable and fast hosting from Realhost

Maybe you should look into a business email service. Unlike standard e-mail, which is available in any tariff plan of Virtual Hosting, corporate e-mail for the domain is intended for the organization of the e-mail system of small and medium-sized businesses. It has advanced features and an attractive price compared to its counterparts. More details can be found on the Mail for Business page. You can stop limiting your capabilities to the functionality offered by free hosting, because you won’t have to spend a lot on reliable hosting — it’s available to everyone.

They order to develop your blog, information site or online store today, you need to purchase virtual hosting for a certain period. Its main advantage is that there is no need to understand complex technical parameters — everything is intuitively simple and accessible. You can buy hosting not only for newcomers to the market, but also for large projects.

High speed and smooth functioning

In any case, every user will be able to buy hosting for the site, because the price for it in Ukraine is always affordable. The availability of servers is guaranteed by the presence of duplicated communication channels and a reliable disk subsystem. Paid hosting of this sites has a sufficient number of resources so that everyone receives high speed and smooth functioning of projects. Experience the benefits of RealHOST today! It is enough to choose a suitable hosting, the price of which will meet your expectations. Start with the minimum tariff to get acquainted with the platform, and then switch to a more functional offer.

The initial choice depends on the number of sites and the amount of data. If necessary, you will be able to change your tariff plan in the future not only higher, but also lower. Technical support is always in touch, so you can be sure of the reliability and continuity of your business processes, which you implement thanks to RealHOST. Ordering website hosting at an affordable price means providing all the conditions for the development and promotion of your Internet resource.

Advantages of paid hosting from RealHOST

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