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What Is Project202(P202) ? Complete Guide & Review About Project202

What Is Project202(P202) ?

Project202 infrastructure is a Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) algorithm-based blockchain 3.0 system, with its own decentralized data centers located on various countries. The Spare equipment capacity which is not being utilized for servicing the cryptocurrency infrastructure can be rented out for use on P202 Servers platform with payments rendered via the P202 Token. Transaction processing and the work of the entire infrastructure will be held on server equipment, scaling the transaction speed ability to 100,000 transactions per second or more.

Project202 Even though the latest technology has created opportunities which previous generations could not even fathom, the technology itself is concentrated in the hands of a select few tech monopolies. These monopolies, through their control of the flow of information, in turn gather the personal information of their users, so that they can sell it to potential advertisers. Naturally, many people take issue with the fact that information about their personal lives is being monetized by somebody else, and would like to regain control of who has access to their data

Project202 are far from a future in which such transactions are the norm. Even though this space has ample room for expansion, as well as the vast amount of projects in said space, most of these projects are centered around the imputed value of the tokens they create. Unfortunately, these tokens have no practical applications.

Project202 Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameProject202
Short NameP202
Circulating Supply175,000,000.00 P202
Max Supply500,000,000
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Project202 A business model utilizing real server infrastructure When constructing server architecture without the use of highly scarce components (the structure is based on a high-performance bundle of storage drives, RAM and processors), launching servers and their further integration into the P202 network will not be hampered by the supply of other components, such as video cards and graphic accelerators. This way, when a validator connects to our network there will not be any issues with installation and/or configuration. Meanwhile, high liquidity will allow it to use the previously idle capacity of its hardware.

Project202 servers are located in the key nodes of network This allows the maximum number of people to have the opportunity to join the network with their equipment and receive guaranteed earnings for utilizing their capacities. expect to have 4,000 on platform by 2023. This number is expected to grow to 28,000 by 2024

Project Tokenomics

The development of the project is secured and backed by a roadmap for decades to come. The introduction of many innovative decentralized services will ensure that the coin is in constant demand in the market The primary share of coins is used for infrastructure maintenance, exchanges between blockchains, carrying out transactions, and placing volume on centralized and decentralized exchanges

35% Technical ecosystem support. The P202 coin is used on the ‘Project 202 Server’ platform, Blockchain P202, and in the P202 Pay system

25% The coins of the development team are frozen for 21 months. Afterwards, they are gradually unfrozen by 25% with the help of team. finance

15% Liquidity (Coins will be used to freeze the liquidity)

10% Coins for Advisors are distributed among Project 202 consultants

10% Airdrop P202 is distributed within the community 5%

Key Features & Advantages

Project202 enables the use of the P202 Coin in its entire infrastructure, as well as for commission payouts, payments to generators, and in making purchases

Own infrastructure of data centers

A network of globally-distributed data centers enables secure and reliable operations of Project 202

Low fees and no latency transactions

Project202 Low commission fees make it possible to pay just a few cents to make any transfer independent of cryptocurrency price rates

Stable increase in coin rate

A fixed supply of 500,000,000 coins. Limited emission will ensure constant growth of the coin rate, providing an opportunity for the entire community to profit

They took the best and refined it

The blockchain model is updated and optimized for the project tasks. The Al-based ‘Blockchain Project 202’ will be launched in the near future

Project 202 Ecosystem

Project202 Blockchain uses the ProoM-oM-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and supports all network Munctions through the generators (validators). All transactions are processed through generators (validators), in the Project 202 Blockchain ProoM-oM-Stake consensus mechanism. This platMorm allows users to transMer assets throughout the network, through the use oM cutting-edge servers, within the Project 202 Blockchain Ecosystem. Likewise, the system implements decentralized applications (dApps), an environment Mor data and block operation, within a distributed and decentralized inMrastructure.

Meet The Team

What Is Project202(P202) ? Complete Guide & Review About Project202