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Primex Airdrop Review: Cross-DEX cross-Margin Trading

About Primex Airdrop

Primex Airdrop is the cross-chain prime brokerage protocol for cross-DEX margin trading. In The , lenders provide liquidity to pools where traders can use it for leveraged trading in cross-DEX environments, while lenders then have an opportunity to earn high yields, their interest is generated from margin fees and profits on successful trades. Lenders will have the flexibility to manage their risks and return by providing liquidity to a variety of Credit Buckets, subsets of liquidity pools that regulate trader risk strategies.

Primex is in its Alpha stage and doesn’t have its own token yet. Early users who participate in the Early User Program may get an airdrop if they actively test all the The versions (Alpha, Beta) once the Finance launches the PMX token.

Token NamePrimex Airdrop
Total ValueN/A
Airdrop End24/7
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Apply as a Early User.
  2. Go to the Primex app and Connect MetaMask wallet (Select the Rinkeby network).
  3. Get the test tokens using Faucet following the guide.
  4. Test the Lender role (deposit / withdraw liquidity to Primex Credit Buckets
  5. Test the Trader role (open and close positions using market/limit orders, stop loss/take profit).
  6. Submit the bug report using the form.
  7. Follow Finance on Twitter.
  8. Join the community on Telegram and Discord.
  9. It has confirmed to launch an own token called PMX in the future and users who participate in the Early User Program may get an airdrop if they actively test all the The versions (Alpha, Beta).

Become an Ambassador

What a time to be alive! At Primex Airdrop , they follow and encourage the growth of DeFi and believe in its mass adoption. To make this really happen, we need to bring some of the trading toolbox from the traditional financial markets into decentralized finance. For this reason, we’re building The , a cross-chain liquidity protocol for margin trading on DEXs. The Ambassador Program focuses on searching for like-minded people to build up DeFi with the team and make it a success.


If you help us build decentralized trading, you will also benefit from a few additional advantages.


Access to private ambassador chats, founders, development team, and partners.


Earn exclusive ambassador prizes for yourself and for any meetups you host.

Early Access

Exclusive access and first-call to products, events, bounties, early participation programs, and more.


Build your own local Primex community, host meetups, and lead initiatives that support decentralized trading.

Primex Early user

Liquidity Providers (lenders)

Liquidity providers (LPs) will have an increased incentive for getting involved early in the protocol’s lifecycle. One of our crucial goals is to see Primex Airdrop successfully launched – so we need to have liquidity in the first credit buckets.

Early Traders

Early Traders use the liquidity from credit buckets, or pools, to margin trade across multiple DEXs. Traders will have early access to Primex Airdrop Finance, including alpha and beta versions of the protocol. Thus, they will have the opportunity to test early versions of the protocol, share ideas, and vote for new features.

Early Keepers

The system’s stability and the security of lenders’ funds depends on the timely closing of positions; we need decentralized Keepers to close trading positions. Since the closing can’t happen on its own, an external stakeholder hosting a keeper is needed.


  • Communication with other participants in private Discord channels
  • Communication with the core team
  • Early access to the app
  • Ability to take part in private challenges
  • Earn exclusive prizes for early users


Primex allows you to trade with leverage on DEXs and farm yield, backed by leveraged trading profits.

Cross-DEX cross-margin trading

The protocol is not limited to a specific DEX. Traders can open leveraged positions across multiple DEXs and the position can be opened on one DEX and closed on another, depending on multiple factors including available liquidity in the respective pair.

Risk management for assets, trading pairs, and traders

Lenders can diversify their risk across multiple assets, specific traders, and so-called credit buckets. A Credit bucket is a smart contract with a set of trading rules introduced by a community-nominated risk notary to facilitate managing risks for lenders.

Yield farming backed by margin trading performance

Profitable trading generates much higher returns, meaning traders pay higher fees to the protocol through profit sharing. Lenders will earn more when compared to lending protocols.

AI-based trader scoring

Primex Airdrop Traders are continuously evaluated by a decentralized network of ML-based nodes. The scoring defines traders’ risk levels and available buckets. High-scoring traders can survive high volatility and save their positions even when they’re approaching the liquidation price.

No collateral to open a position

Primex Airdrop To open a leveraged position, traders only need to lock the deposit. The protocol does not transfer any funds to external wallets and, in case of liquidation, the locked assets are transferred to the protocol TVL. Traders use smart contracts within the protocol to interact with DEXs, not their personal wallets.

Fixed interest rate for lenders

By locking funds for a specified time, lenders have the opportunity to fix their interest. Fixed interest is backed by trading fees.

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