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What Is Pollen Coin (PCN)? Complete Guide Review About Pollen Coin.

What Is Pollen Coin (PCN)?

Introducing Pollen, the world’s first decentralized mobile network that’s built on the blockchain and owned and operated by its users. Welcome to the Pollen Coin Mobile docs page — here you can find a collection of helpful resources surrounding Pollen Mobile. They encourage all viewers to share their comments, questions, and feedback! Simply click on the comment icon next to any section of this website to leave a message. Be sure to follow on Twitter @PollenMobile for all the latest updates and announcement. Check out your Discord server to chat with our team and other interested individuals.

Pollen Coin Corporations, governments, and rogue non-state actors routinely exploit the centralized nature of existing wireless communications networks to oppress and profit. The world needs a private, anonymous, and decentralized global wireless communications network that is built, owned, and operated by its users. Modern distributed ledger technologies (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana) have revolutionized the ability to anonymously conduct secure digital transactions and operate smart contracts via decentralized networks.

Pollen Coin Predecessor initiatives (including Helium) have demonstrated that distributed ledger applications, a crypto-enabled incentive and payments system, open source technologies, and decentralized governance models can be harnessed to revolutionize the development and operation of physical world networks.

Pollen Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePollen Coin
Short NamePCN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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The core elements of the Pollen network include

  • Utilization of CBRS spectrum (in the US)
  • A distributed ledger-based digital infrastructure (initially built on the Solana blockchain)
  • A crypto economy utilizing PollenCoin (PCN), a Solana token
  • Gamified rewards (paid in PCN) to incentivize early adoption and network development
  • Open source network infrastructure, including Magma Core
  • Open source designs created by Pollen to enable community members to source / build their own hardware
  • Decentralized governance via an Enhanced Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) model.

Pollen Core Values

Your most important Core Value. Pollen Coin right to freedom of expression has long been a core value in many parts of the Western world — enshrined in the US Constitution as the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. The advent of the internet initially promised to extend that right to all of humanity. Instead of delivering on that promise, the centralization of the world’s digital communications systems and networks has in too many instances handed the tools of exploitation, oppression, and manipulation to increasingly powerful states and non-state actors. Pollen was created to help deliver on that initial promise of the internet.


No single corporation, government, or individual should control the world’s communication networks. Pollen Coin To ensure the integrity of the Pollen network, users’ trust, and fulfillment of the first four Pollen Core Values, the network must be as open source as possible and controlled by its user community via a transparent governance structure (in this case via a proposed Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or “eDAO”). Pollen is simple. You provide network coverage through a Flower, which is validated by Bumblebees, and you connect to the network as a Hummingbird with an eSIM– each of which earn you PollenCoin.

Key Pollen Network Components

Flowers are mobile network antennas [3] that are built to open standards. When connected to the internet, Flowers provide wireless coverage and earn their owners PCN, Pollen’s Solana token, in return for the coverage provided and data hauled for end users. Pollen Coin does not store the personal information of Flower owners. Flower ownership (and right to associated rewards payments) is registered via a Non-Fungible Token that is tied to the owner’s Solana wallet, enabling owners to maintain anonymity and transfer ownership of devices without requiring any centralized approval or registration.

End Users (“Hummingbirds”)

Hummingbirds are end user equipment (“UE”), such as mobile phones, that can utilize the Pollen Coin network for mobile connectivity. In the US, CBRS compatible devices can download a Pollen eSIM or purchase a physical SIM (both generically can be referred to as a “SIM”) that enables them to become a Hummingbird and connect to the Pollen network. SIMs are also associated with an NFT to allow for anonymous payment of the daily rewards. Pollen does not store the personal information of Hummingbird owners. In Phase I of the network’s deployment, Hummingbirds will be allowed unlimited data consumption at no charge beyond the cost of the SIM.

Hummingbird owners also receive PCN rewards every day the Hummingbird connects to the network. Beginning in Phase II of the network’s deployment, Hummingbird owners will pay for data consumption using PCN. To incentivize early adopters to join the network, the first 100,000 Hummingbird owners to purchase a Pollen SIM will also receive 10 Data Credits, good for transferring 10 GB of data on the network. Pollen Coin will not support “phone calls” or “text messages / SMS” due to those technologies’ incompatibility with Pollen’s Core Values and the existence of alternative technologies that are consistent (e.g., Signal, FaceTime, WhatsApp).

Validators (“Bumblebees”)

Bumblebees are small embedded Linux devices with built-in LTE and GPS antennas, used to verify Flower network coverage. Bumblebees validate network coverage by reporting Pollen network coverage statistics as they move through the physical world. Pollen Coin Data reported includes date / time, GPS location, and network traffic statistics (e.g., ping times, upload / download speeds, signal strength) in addition to their own unique identifier and the unique identifiers of Flowers for which coverage is verified. Bumblebee owners are rewarded with PCN for their daily network validation activities.

Pollen does not store the personal information of Bumblebee owners. Pollen Coin Like Flowers, Bumblebee ownership is registered via a Non-Fungible Token that is tied to the owner’s wallet, enabling owners to maintain anonymity and transfer ownership of devices without requiring any centralized approval or registration. In the initial phase of the network’s deployment, Bumblebees will be able to connect to the network and transfer data for free – in Phase II, Bumblebee owners will need to purchase Data Credits using PCN for connectivity and data transfer.

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