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Pathosting Web Hosting Review: Web hosting from P&T Hosting that focuses on quality.

About Pathosting

Pathosting WordPress Hosting service is a Managed WordPress Website, meaning you don’t have to worry about hosting fuss anymore. Your job is only using WordPress from the moment of installation. Fine-tuning both performance and safety Website Status Monitoring until daily backup All of this will be taken care of by P&T’s team of experts as if they were your own team. Increase the security of your website with SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, the standard for the security of information transmitted through the Internet.

Which will be used to notice from the URL Address starting with https://It’s common for websites to encrypt SSL these days. This makes the unencrypted website look suspicious and immediately looked unsafe. If you are using another hosting service But want to order an SSL Certificate with. Initially, you need to ask the hosting provider first.

Some Quick Facts Pathosting Web Hosting

PathostingBasic Details
Hosting NamePathosting
Price390/ year
Call Support0-2026-6402
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Pathosting Price

Managed VPS

Vitrual Private Server or simply called VPS (some people will call it VPS Hosting) means bringing 1 real server machine to be divided into many virtual servers. A machine together By using various VM (Virtual Machine) ware, the virtual server is divided into It works like a real server in all respects, and the price of a VPS is much cheaper than using a Deditcated Server.

Web Server Solution

Web Server Solution is a server service for using websites and e-mails. Suitable for companies that want to use a highly stable website and email. There is privacy because it is not a shared server machine with others. Pathosting company will act as an administrator for your server. since the installation process tuning for efficiency Take care and fix problems for you. to make your usage go smoothly. The hosting control panel software that use is DirectAdmin on CentOS 7 operating system, which your team has the expertise to optimize (Optimize) to suit your usage. And the server can work at full efficiency.

What is SSL Certificate?

Before knowing what an SSL Certificate is, let’s first know what an SSL is?. Pathosting SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a security standard for information transmitted over the Internet. An example that can be seen is various banking websites. Notice from the URL of those bank websites are all HTTPS. This standard is required. Up because of the normal data transmission. Also known as HTTP, it can be intercepted and stolen in the middle. It’s like wiretapping a phone. Now it’s time to SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate is a security certificate that will be issued by a certificate provider such as Verisign, Entrust, Comodo, RapidSSL, Symantec, etc. Pathosting main function of It is to make it turn green when accessing your HTTPS website. If a website is HTTPS but doesn’t have a certificate, when they open it in the browser, it will show up in red, scary like your website is infected with a virus. When people come in, they don’t know what it is. Frightened, your website was closed. It’s a huge waste of opportunity. It also looks unreliable.

What websites do you need an SSL certificate for?

Sites that carry sensitive traffic Data that if stolen can be damaged. Especially about money and gold. These sites need an SSL Certificate for data security. As your website also requires an SSL certificate to protect your customers‘ information. Pathosting some of you may want the website to look credible. that the information transmitted to this website Cannot be trap, stolen You can choose to use this service as well.

Google has announced its rankings in search results rankings. That if a website that is https:// will score better than a website http:// so if your website has an SSL certificate, in addition to the security of data transmission. You will also get extra SEO points here as a by-product as well. Pathosting for some clients, the SEO score here might even be more important than data encryption, right?

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