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What Is PanicSwap(PANIC) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About PanicSwap

What Is PanicSwap(PANIC) Coin Review ?

PanicSwap is a revolutionary Automated Market Maker on the Fantom Network. Provide liquidity with your interest bearing Yearn assets and start earning dividends and rewards. brings with it all the attributes of an AMM that DeFi users know and optimises it specifically for the Fantom Network and Yearn Finance ecosystem. Liquidity providers (LPs) and PanicSwap token holders all stand to benefit from our innovative approach. PanicSwap at its core is a fork of the audited Solidly code-base from Andre Cronje. swap user interface, as a result, will be familiar to users throughout DeFi. This AMM supports not only both stable and non-stable pairs, but also multi-hop swaps (even those that include stable and non-stable pairs mixed routes) within a very intuitive contract interface.

PanicSwap (PANIC) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePanicSwap
Short Name (PANIC)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
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PanicSwap recognises the high volume of very reputable and established AMM’s in the Fantom Ecosystem. Exchanges such as Spooky Swap, Spirit Swap, Curve and Sushi Swap see a huge volumes traded every day. We recognise this is largely from individual defi users, bots and arbitrage.

PanicSwap is not aiming to compete with these platforms for retail swaps, we allow for this of course, but they want to be the best option for liquidity providers in the space. A simple, safe, efficient and rewarding place for LPs to come and maximise their returns.

Swap fees and trading volume are a huge part of this, and the low cost nature of the Fantom Network makes it ruthlessly efficient. In these environments arbitrage is king, and despite unique LPs, any volatility in the markets will see volume through exchange and fees passed on to our holders.


PanicSwap Exchange has brought into the world a new AMM model which natively supports low fee and capital efficient like asset swaps (such as swapping between USDC and DAI or wBTC and rBTC) as well as unlike asset swaps (such as between USDC and FTM).

The Fantom Network

The PanicSwap team chose to launch on the Fantom Network for a variety of reasons: Fantom has seen tremendous growth as a defi hub in the cryptocurrency space over the past few years. Its cheap fees and fast transaction times made it an obvious choice for a protocol such as PanicSwap.

Fantom was the choice of Yearn.Finance when bringing their protocol to an EVM chain from Ethereum. In utilizing Yearn’s interest bearing YV tokens, we feel PanicSwap has a unique edge in the defi space. The Fantom network has seen significant liquidity migration in the past few months, and with significant capital inflow comes opportunity for protocols that can offer attractive returns for this liquidity.

The Fantom ecosystem is one filled with young, growing and innovative teams. We’ve started with Yearn, but interoperability is something near and dear to the PanicSwap team and we are excited as to what other options we can tap into in the near future.

Token Emission

PanicSwap was fair launched with a genesis token distribution event known as ’10 days of PANIC!’ where users could stake popular crypto assets in exchange for a share of 1 PANIC/block during this period. After several governance votes this emission was reduced to 0.6 PANIC/block on the launch of AMM and after a further vote was agreed to scale down to 0.2 PANIC/block over the next two years.