Orbofi Airdrop Review: You will Get a Free Alpha Pass NFT.

Orbofi Airdrop Review: You will Get a Free Alpha Pass NFT.

About Orbofi Airdrop

Orbofi Airdrop is a general-purpose virtual world, and the world’s first multi-chain social metaverse that empowers individuals, communities, DAOs, brands, and organizations to create and grow their tokenized communities, in their own virtual lands, that they collectively own, build, populate with virtual experiences, and earn from them.

Orbofi is airdropping free Alpha Pass NFTs and OBI tokens to users who complete simple tasks. Complete the required tasks and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive an NFT. The first 10,000 users will also get free OBI tokens.

Orbofi Airdrop is the world’s first Social Metaverse crossed with social tokens – where everyone, every community, and every DAO can create their own AR/VR virtual worlds and their own social tokens. Socialize-and-earn, in the Metaverse. Web2 social platforms are just too boring compared to where we can take them. we’re taking the whole space from 0 to 1

Token NameOrbofi Airdrop
Total Supply700,000,000 OBI
Airdrop EndN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Orbofi airdrop form.
  2. Join their Telegram group.
  3. Follow them on Twitter.
  4. Follow them on LinkedIn.
  5. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
  6. You will get a free Alpha Pass NFT.
  7. The first 10,000 users will also get free OBI tokens.

Create your own Metaverse community, and your own Social Token

A community Orb is a decentralized community space, either open or token-gated, with a Social token that governs it, and a virtual land that hosts it. All co-owned and monetized by its respective members: Token and Land holders. Deployable on Ethereum, Avalanche, or Polygon

Create Social hubs and virtual experiences on top of your virtual land

You can place any kind of full-blown social hubs in one go on top of your personal or community Land. Invite friends or customers, chat with text, audio or Video, and monetize the virtual experience as you wish. All participants gets rewarded. Orbofi Airdrop is turning regular content creators, into full-blown virtual world creators


Socialize-and-Earn, from multiple income streams

Earn by Socializing in the Metaverse – Create or join a community Orb, build up a virtual land and virtual experiences, and earn $OBI, $ETH, $AVAX, or $MATIC from: Social token sales, Land Sales, Collectible Sales, and in the future, in-community Ads. 

On Orbofi, Creating a community and DAO means creating an immersive space of collective monetization and ownership, either as a creator or as a fellow community and Land member

You Get Your Own Virtual Palace, For You And Your Community, For Free.

Every single parcel that is being minted on Orbofi comes with its own palace. Because, why not? you deserve a palace in the Metaverse

How it works

Orbofi Airdrop Review: You will Get a Free Alpha Pass NFT.

Community Orbs

The first thing to understand when deep-diving into Orbofi Airdrop is “the Community Orbs”. The creation of community Orbs is what keeps the Orbofi Metaverse expanding in size, every Community Orb gets its own immersive virtual land, where it can create any kind of virtual world and virtual experiences, and Earn from them.

Orbofi enables you to create and join Community Orbs : your own decentralized community spaces ( decentralized version of sub-reddits, discord servers, or facebook groups) + your own community tokens ( that governs their collective economic and incentive layer, and can act as the in-community currency) + your own Immersive Virtual Land, that acts as the Metaverse layer for your community and space, and hosts your virtual experiences.

Decentralized community space:

Orbofi Airdrop decentralized version of subreddits, discord servers, or Facebook groups. Community spaces are token-gated pages where people can share various forms of content including long or short format, images, videos, links, and voice notes. These are all hosted on decentralized cloud infrastructure, and are censorship-resistant (no one can censor you, not even us).

Community tokens (cNFTs):

Orbofi Airdrop tokens that act as access keys to the gated community orb and act as a non-fungible or fungible share of a community, entitling every holder to a stake of all the revenue generated within that orb. Token holders of a specific community are the ones able to read/write content, connect with people in that space, and access/build/monetize the community metaverse land. Community tokens need to be staked within the orb in order to receive stakes in the revenue (cNFT sales, land sales, collectibles/merchandise sale, and, in the future, in-community ads and other sources of income for community creators and members).