Wallet Review: Earn up To 5% Per Year Wallet Review: Earn up To 5% Per Year

About is a German fintech company founded in 2015 with the vision of enabling people to exchange assets as easily as they exchange ideas. Worldwide, instantly and at the lowest possible cost. Based in Berlin, Nuri offers an all-in-one platform combining a regular bank account, Bitcoin and Etherem wallets, and seamless cryptocurrency trading. 

Its customers can easily buy and sell bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) with fast cash settlement directly from their bank account, hosted by a German partner bank. Nuri’s investors include Earlybird, Sony Financial Ventures, coparion, Global Brain, High Tech Gründerfonds, ALSTIN Capital, and Digital Currency Group.​ Trade from just €30 up to €50,000 (rolling 7 days) Wallet Points Table

Wallet TypeOnline Mobile Wallet
Easy To UseEasy
Currency SupportedBTC, ETH
Pin Code ProtectedYes
Frequency Of UpdateOnce In A Month
Trust Score8/10
Official LinkClick Here

How To Install & Send/Receive Coin

How To Download Nuri Wallet

Download Wallet From App Store Of Your Choice . The Wallet Available For Android & IOS Device .

How To Setup Wallet

It Is Very Easy To Setup . Click On Start Button . After Brief Information  You’ll Be Prompted To Create A Custom PIN Code .After That You Will Get Paper Key Fill It And Save This Key On Safe Place . You Are Done .

How To Send Coin From Nuri Wallet

Click On Coin Icon Which You Want To Send . Than You Redirect To Transfer Page . Just Fill Receiver Address & Fill Amount Which You Want To Send . And Click On Confirm Button . You Are Done .

How To Receive Coin In Nuri Wallet

Click On Coin Icon Which You Want To Receive , Than Click On Receive Button , You Will See Your Coin Address Copy It And Share With Payer That It

Nuri Bank Account

The Nuri bank account fulfills all the expectations that you might have towards a modern bank account in 2020. It’s mobile-first, nicely designed and secure. Here is a breakdown of all the things you can do with the Nuri bank account:

  • Receive salary
  • Receive bank transfers
  • Direct debits ( to pay for subscriptions )
  • Standing orders ( pay your rent every month )
  • Bank transfers ( to any bank acct. within the EU)
  • Mastercard for in-store and online payments
  • Secured up to €100.000 by German Deposit Guarantee Scheme

It’s time to replace the old with the Nuri.

Nuri is the new reality of banking, with easy access to cryptocurrencies, interest on your bitcoin and a full German bank account. Everything you need to build your financial future — all in one place.

Get started in minutes

1. Create an account

Create your free account and follow the onboarding steps.

2. Verify your identity

Once you’ve onboarded, jump on a quick video call to verify your identity.

3. All set

Mobile banking, saving and investing all in one app.

Nuri (ex Bitwala)

Make investing a breeze: Nuri is the app to manage and grow your money. Save and invest in cryptocurrencies and earn up to 5% interest per year on Bitcoin directly from a German bank account. Show-stopping Visa debit card included.

Open your account in under 7 minutes today.

Know you should be investing but don’t know where to start your journey? Nuri can make investing a reality for anyone, even if you’re just starting out. Join over 200,000 investors and let Nuri guide the way to new financial opportunities.

Spend Without Fees

• Equipped with a Visa debit card that offers unlimited ATM withdrawals worldwide.
• Make SEPA transfers and pay your bills, rent or shopping.
• Use your debit card anywhere at millions of locations worldwide – your favourite shop or takeout is waiting.

Invest In Cryptocurrency

• Buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum within minutes, 24/7.
• Track your wealth with customisable price charts.
• Manage all your investments in one single view.
• Transparent 1% trading fee with no hidden surprises

Earn Interest On Your Bitcoin

• Earn up to 5% interest per year with the Bitcoin Interest Account.
• Get paid every Monday with interest accrued from your own Bitcoin.
• Weekly payouts, every Monday straight into your account.
• No lockup, withdrawal can be done anytime.

User Experience & Support

For the most part, the user experience is pleasant. The app is well designed and the trading platform is free from complexities. However, the “send” flows in the wallet are in need of improvement. Here, users must choose the blockchain network fee theselves without any guidance. Recommending a fee that will get the transaction processed in a reasonable amount of time would improve this.

The customer support experience is commendable, with users having access to both live chat support, email outlets and a help desk on Skype. One additional advantage of Nuri being a “crypto native” bank is that they truly understand crypto so you don’t risk getting your account closed arbitrarily for engaging in trading, like some traditional banks have done in the past.