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Nordichosting Web Hosting Review: Internet marketing.

About Nordichosting

Google AdWords is an advertising system that can be used to reach your target audience directly. Campaigns with Google Adwords are a highly recommended and highly effective advertising system where you create targeted ads that appear at the top of the search results on Google. Nordichosting you run a toy shop and want to create an AdWords campaign to sell toy cars. When a user searches for “toy cars” on Google, your ad can appear at the top of the search results if you have chosen “toy cars” as a search term. Now you are advertising to an audience that is already interested in you. Best of all, you pay nothing until someone clicks on your ad. This is called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Some Quick Facts Nordichosting Hosting

RipnetBasic Details
Hosting NameNordichosting
Call Support(+47) 40 00 33 28
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Nordichosting Price

Get more customers with the help of the right advertising

Nordichosting help you create targeted campaigns tailored for your company. They can create and edit ads, adjust your budget until you get the results you want, and help you target your ads to specific languages ​​and geographic locations. They use tools such as Google Analytics to measure the value and conversion rate of your campaigns.

In Google Analytics, you get full control over costs, visits and, not least, what the user does on your website after clicking on your ad. They can further use this data to optimize your ads so that you pay the least possible per click and get the most customer conversions. If necessary, they also help with optimization of the websites, to create the best possible relevance to the search terms – which in turn will reduce the click price on your ads.

Online store

More and more people shop online instead of in the store. Many because of a larger selection, better service, and because it is often easier. Nordichosting knows online stores and knows the requirements. This know what it takes for your customers to have a pleasant experience when buying from your online store. They tailor your online store for you and bake it into an elegant design – you decide the appearance and functionality. For example, they can offer a payment solution through your partner PayEx, or you can choose advance / deferred payment, PayPal or other. What about shipping calculation from Posten / Bring? They find the solutions that suit your company.

Customer Review

I was in contact with Nordichosting after meeting countless telemarketers who wanted to sell “free” website solutions that turned out to be both expensive and with major limitations in both design and content. With Nordic Hosting’s solution, I myself became the owner of all the code that was produced without future recurring expenses.

During the development of the website, I was continuously followed up as the page took shape, and every single detail turned out exactly as I wanted. Along the way, changes, modifications and new wishes from me were taken into account, and the job was not finished until I could ascertain that everything had been completed 100% as agreed. I would highly recommend Nordic Hosting.

Panda Antivirus

Enormous resources are currently being spent on developing new and advanced methods for spreading viruses and other unwanted software. One of the biggest threats in recent times is so-called “ransomware” which renders all your files unusable by encrypting them. A “ransom” is then required to unlock the files again. Panda antivirus, which your parent company EnterNett has been selling for over 10 years, has long been at the forefront of protection against this type of threat.

Nordichosting Some time ago, they launched the Adaptive Defense 360 ​​solution, a solution that is virtually dominant on the market when it comes to protection against all current and future threats (see technical description below). Several of your customers have already adopted this solution.

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