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Net9 Web Hosting Review: Game servers, CSGO, Minecraft, and webhostels.

About Net9

An unprecedented product. With the Minecraft Server Platform, you can freely create Minecraft servers for your needs and specify the server resources you need. Congested game server? No worries. Your network can withstand even heavy loads, and enterprise-level protection against denial-of-service attacks keeps hackers in check. Register and transfer your domain! They offer you complete support in managing your domain and other goodies you need to host your domain. Net9 VR was an ICO that happened in late 2017. Which was the perfect time to do a deal.

There were problems surrounding this before the ICO even closed. Spectiv announced on their facebook page that a fake site was trying to scam people. If you held it until now, it wouldn’t have mattered much if you bought the real one or the scam. Either way you would have still lost all of your money. The premise of the real Spectiv VR was to combine cryptocurrency with VR in a streaming service and sell ads and pay the VR industry professionals with tokens instead of cash.

Some Quick Facts Net9 Web Hosting

Net9Basic Details
Hosting NameNet9
Call Support040-5734150
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Net9 Price

The supplier of products

The online store functions as a marketer of products and services and as a supplier of products to the customer. The online store takes care of the legal obligations related to the sale as well as other obligations defined by itself. If you want to make a complaint or return a product, you should contact the online store from which the product was ordered directly. When an online store uses Paytrail’s payment service, you can find a description of the service on their website, for example delivery terms.

Payment service provider

Net9 operates as the payment intermediary service provider and in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail appears as the recipient of the payment on the bank statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Oyj has a payment institution license. Pivo also accepts Siirto payments, which means that the payment can be accepted in any application that supports Siirto.

Apple Pay is a service that works on an Apple device, which allows you to pay for purchases with a payment card connected to the device. Net9 cases of complaints, they ask that you first contact the supplier of the product. Paytrail appears as the recipient of the payment on the card invoice and forwards the payment card payment paid by the customer directly to the merchant. Card payment is made using a securely protected payment form, and the payment card information is not stored in the online store’s systems.

Bank charges

Net9 can use the payment buttons of all Finnish banks either based on the eBanking interfaces or open banking interfaces offered by the banks. You can pay with the payment buttons of Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpanki, Osuuspanki, POP bank, Säästöpanki, S-banken and Ålandsbanken. Your bank statement shows Paytrail Oyj as the payee, we forward your payment to the online retailer. From the online store, you will be directed directly to your own bank to make the payment securely.

You can pay in the online store with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard and American Express cards. Net9 online store uses the international Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode and American Express SafeKey authentication services. Mobile payment methods Pivo, MobilePay and Siirto are services that work in the application, with which you can pay for online purchases as a bank transfer from your account or as a card payment from your card by accepting the payment in the respective application.

Invoice and installment services

Invoice and installment services via Paytrail are offered by OP, Walley, Jousto and AfterPay. Net9 Walley also offers an invoice and installment option for business customers.Please read the specific terms and conditions specific to the financing company, which you will see when you accept the payment. When you accept the payment, you also accept the finance company’s terms and conditions. They raised about 9 million USD on their ICO.

They also did a “White Label” offering and sold another 4,000 or 5,000 ethereum in August of 2018. Not sure how much this came out to because the prices were fluctuating a lot that month but maybe another 2 million. Not sure what exactly the total capital raised was but definitely north of 10 million USD. One user on the Bitcoin talk forum said that Net9 is a scam.

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