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What Is Naffiti (NAFF)? Complete Guide Review About Naffiti.

What Is Naffiti (NAFF)?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens like ERC-721 (a smart contract standard) tokens which are hosted on Ethereum’s own blockchain, representing rare or unique items that are not interchangeable or replaceable on a one-to-one basis. NFTs are unique digital items such as collectibles or artworks or game items. As an artist, by tokenizing your work you both ensure that it is unique and brand it as your work. The actual ownership is blockchain-managed.

Minting basically refers to the process of turning digital art into a part of the Ethereum blockchain as a public ledger. Naffiti digital art would be tamper-proof and immune to any modifications. Minting an NFT is how your digital art becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain​–a public ledger that is unchangeable and tamper-proof.

Naffiti Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNaffiti
Short NameNAFF
Circulating Supply27,750,000.00 NAFF
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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What does “burn a token” mean?

The ERC-721 standard does not only allow the creation of NFTs, but also includes a possibility to destroy them – i.e. burning the token. Tokens or coins are considered “burned” when they have been purposely and permanently removed from circulation.

How does the royalty system work?

Whenever you create a collectible you can set a certain percentage as royalty for secondary sales. Example You create a digital painting and sell it for 0.2 ETH, the royalty is (10-20 percent). Your buyer then sells your painting at a higher price point for 0.5 ETH. Here, the royalty system kicks in. As the original content creator you receive 10-20% of that sale, being 0.05 – 0.10 ETH.

What is Naffiti launchpad?

Launchpad is a Naffiti product and service that aims to help creators mint their collections without any technical know-how. NAFFITI NFT-FI Launchpad works. A complete, codeless, functional solution for creators, entrepreneurs & license owners.

License to Your Content

In connection with your use of the NFT Marketplace, you may be able to post, upload, or submit content to be made available through the NFT Marketplace, including NFT Media that is tied to NFTs you wish to sell on the NFT Marketplace as a seller, and any other content associated with your NFTs (“Your Content”).

You retain all rights to Your Content you post, upload, submit, or otherwise made available through the NFT Marketplace, except for rights expressly granted herein. In order to operate the NFT Marketplace, Naffiti must obtain from you certain license rights in Your Content so that actions take in operating the NFT Marketplace are not considered legal violations.

Accordingly, by using the NFT Marketplace and uploading Your Content or otherwise made Your Content available, you grant a license to access, use, host, cache, store, copy, reproduce, transmit, display, publish, distribute, adapt and modify Your Content in any and all media or distribution methods (now know or later developed) but solely as required to be able to operate and provide services of the NFT Marketplace.

What is the NFT Generator? How does it work?

Naffiti provides automation for NFT collection generation. Creators can create PFP or other forms of NFT collections without coding knowledge. Creators only need to provide the basic layers of their NFT Collections and the NFT Generator will automatically create thousands of NFTs.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace provides you with the opportunity to create Naffiti, sell, purchase, bid on, collect, trade, showcase and otherwise transact digital blockchain collectibles, which may be represented as a non-fungible token linked with certain digital media and art. They facilitate transactions between buyer and seller of an NFT, but are not a party to any agreement between buyer and seller of an NFT on the NFT Marketplace.

Naffiti collect revenue on the NFT Marketplace via transaction fees and other applicable fees which display when you interact with the NFT Marketplace. For the avoidance of doubt, NFTs transacted on the NFT Marketplace are considered “Digital Assets” as defined in the Naffiti Terms. Company reserves the right to be the final decision maker on any disputes arising from purchases via the NFT Marketplace, including in connection with any auctions or other purchase methods.

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