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Multihost Web Hosting Review: Colocation/rack space for server and storage system.

About Multihost

A Colocation is a flexible solution Multihost tailor to your needs. They have provided colocation services for many years and have a good base of experience, both to operate your servers and to give you the right guidance for stable and secure operation. Security is mainly taken care of by a third party, of local elements we can mention, among other things, that you have to go through several points with a PIN and code lock, and that your racks are locked in a separate area. This ensures that only your technicians and yourself have access to physical equipment. See statistics and monitor your services via your control panel, if a monitored service fails, you will receive an SMS and email about this.

The term Mafagafo designates one of the most traditional characters among tongue twisters in the Portuguese language. It identifies an imaginary species of an animal. The tongue twister’s text is quite variable, as is often the case with popular expressions, having several different versions. On a small paradise island, the gangly are found, curious birds incapable of flight, extremely adaptable and smart. From time to time, they build a large nest, where the great Sniffler from the Snitch’s nest will be chosen.

Some Quick Facts Multihost Web Hosting

MultihostBasic Details
Hosting NameMultihost
Email SupportN/A
Call Support31901080
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Multihost Price

Guaranteed power

Multihost have a very competitive power supply, consisting of A/B courses, in addition to UPS and diesel generators that supply the entire server park without interruption. This is to ensure that there is always power in your rack. Your operating partner guarantees that one of the courses will be active at all times. There is always a representative from the company available who can quickly begin troubleshooting and possibly correcting a problem. You can get 24/7/365 physical access with your own key card, read more about the rack service. They have some older dedicated servers standing by with. Feel free to get in touch to see if they meet your hosting needs.

Mafagafo is an nft game with a unique, singular profile, which stands out for its exceptionality. It is aimed at those looking to combine fun and profitability at the same time. An online multiplayer game with the objective of pleasing the public through the presentation of several maps, multiplicity of items, exclusive characters and an ecosystem accessible to any player looking not only for fun, but also for profitability. They will revolutionize the nft games market for its authenticity in revealing that it is easy to win playing! For this choice, a big competition is held, in order to decide by mucking around who is the best.

Surprises Challenging

Competition is undoubtedly part of the essence of these birds. It can manifest itself in fishing, running or challenging obstacles. What drives them is the challenge to always be the best. For each round, the challenge is chosen at random from those available for the season. The maps have unique difficulties, routes and surprises challenging players to adapt to new situations. At the end of the round, the top 5 players will be ranked. The placement achieved will define the amount of Multihost that each player will earn.

When earning or buying characters, you can mix them up, making a Genetic Mix generating a new character with genetic characteristics of both. The genetic system is an algorithm that allows mixing between all characters, even involving those who have participated in different seasons. In this way a level of exclusivity with millions of possible characters will be generated. Have you ever imagined the combination of a character from season 1 with another from season 7?

Play to earn

Following the trend of NFT games and with a progressive profile, the Multihost developed an innovative game in several aspects. Unlike other NFT games, you don’t have time limits or games, in other words, the player can play as much as he wants! For the player, every day, there will always be the possibility of being able to have fun, collect and profit!

By earning, the player will be able to buy items from the Game Pass, as there will be a new character available to be purchased with MPs at each level reached within the blocks of 5 items. There are 7 models in this first season, but often new characters will be created and made available in the game store.

Memory Inspection

There is lots of ways to cheat a game, lets enumerate some and address it properly. Cheat engine and other cheating tools works inspecting the memory of a target app. Multihost creates memory snapshots as a dictionary of addresses and data. It is mainly used to search for a specific data content and changing it. The result of this fantastic combination will be to achieve a phenomenal level of exclusivity in your NFT that few will ever have, making it more valuable every season.

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