Airdrop Review: A Unique Set of Economic Features Airdrop Review: A Unique Set of Economic Features

About is a zero fee trading platform where you can trade stocks, crypto, commodities and forex 24/7. The project is backed by Tim Draper’s venture capital fund. Their native token MPH is already tradable on Uni swap and listed on Coin market cap & Coingecko. Find out more about MPH tokenomics from here.

2018 the set out to create a trading platform that would make global financial markets accessible to everyone. It was inspired by the evolution of cryptocurrency, how its natural fractionality and store of value enabled a whole new generation of traders. Financial markets have always put up barriers: capital requirements, high fees, geographic limitations. So they decided to take away the barriers and let everyone finally invest the way they want to: 24/7, every asset class, shorting, fractional shares, and perfect liquidity. went from idea to business under the peppery California sun. the offices became the grassy courtyards spilled across the Stanford campus. Beyond scenic benches, Stanford attracts amazing guests. Tim Draper visited and shared his vision for blockchain technology completely changing the world. they couldn’t agree more, and he became the first investor in Morpher. scaled the operations and setup in beautiful Vienna. By summer 2019 we released the alpha version. Post alpha they built the own plasma-like scaling solution and migrated the entire trade engine to Ethereum smart contracts. Finally close to launch, they started an airdrop in early 2020 to reward the early users and distribute Morpher tokens as widely as possible.

Token Airdrop
Airdrop Start2021-03-12
Total Value n/a
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
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Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
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Features There are no trading fees. There is no minimum capital requirement. Every market can be shorted. All markets can be traded 24/7, whether exchanges are open or not. Traders enjoy infinite liquidity on all markets, since any amount can be staked on a market without affecting the underlying price.

Morpher does not depend on a liquid underlying market. The Protocol can support any leverage. Fractional trading, stake any amount of token for the perfect portfolio. The key feature of the Protocol is the lack of a counterparty. The Morpher Protocol eliminates the need for intermediaries along with the need for a trade counterparty.

How It Works Users interact with the protocol by staking MPH Token on the price development of a market. Every stake is recorded on the blockchain and called a Virtual Future. Staked MPH Token get burned when a Virtual Future is created. Upon closing a Virtual Future, MPH Token are minted proportionally to the current value of the Virtual Future, and the Virtual Future is deleted from the blockchain.

Trading Mechanics

Fractional Shares Virtual Futures can be created with a fraction of one MPH Token. On traditional exchanges only whole numbers of shares, options, or contracts can be bought or sold. The Morpher Protocol does not impose minimum capital requirements and supports fractional Virtual Futures. Users simply specify the amount of MPH Token they want to allocate to a market instead of having to worry about buying whole shares.

Leverage Protocol allows the creation of Virtual Futures with any leverage
(currently set to a max of 10x). A leverage of x simply multiplies the price change of
the observed underlying market with a factor of x.

Spreads markets on Morpher have a spread, i.e. a small difference between the bid and the
ask price. Spreads on Morpher are comparable in size to spreads on traditional twosided exchanges. They help replicating the trading mechanics of traditional exchanges and mitigate predatory scalping and arbitrage. Spreads on Morpher are not fees. They are not collected, and they do not profit from them. Moreover, spreads serve an economic purpose. Every opening/closing of a Virtual Future implicitly burns a tiny amount of MPH Tokens.

How the Airdrop Works

1. Join Morpher Create/connect a crypto wallet to sign up.

2. Prove You’re Human Complete basic KYC so we know you’re not a bot.

3. Redeem Your Tokens Get crypto tokens added to your wallet.

Token The supply of MPH Token is not fixed, it changes over time proportionally to the
collective investment success/failure of Morpher’s users. There are two more
influences on the token supply: tokens burned through bid/ask spreads and tokens
minted for operator rewards