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Mister-hosting Web Hosting Review: Web Hosting Technology Mister Hosting.

About Mister-hosting

Mister-hosting has its own servers in an ultra-secure certified datacenter in France. The servers are top of the line, highly reliable and highly secure with dual hardware RAID SSD power supplies. Your servers are connected to your own AS210403 internet network. Fully redundant dual power supplies. Your team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to intervene if necessary. Your data is fully backed up every day on a remote storage server. Archiving over several weeks and made available to you to ensure restoration is possible at any time from your cPanel.

Some Quick Facts Mister-hosting Web Hosting

Mister-hostingBasic Details
Hosting NameMister-hosting
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+33 177 62 30 03
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Mister-hosting Price

All data secure

Mister-hosting protect your websites using multiple levels of security, RAID-10 and daily backups with multiple weekly archives. Your data is in a data center in France. They offer your own globally distributed CDNs to keep your websites running fast in any country. Your visitors will experience the lowest latency and unmatched reliability. cPanel, access manager, Nginx web server with Varnish cache, Cloudflare integration, Let’s Encrypt integration, WAF, IpXchange developed by ourselves.

Officially founded in 2017, Elementeum Gaming, LLC is focused on improving the experience for collectible trading card game players. Gaming team has worked together on many projects over the past 13 years, ranging from startups to significant roles in large corporations. With the emergence of mainstream blockchain technology, the Elementeum Gaming team saw an opportunity to introduce Ether Legends and its currency, Elementeum, in order to provide players secure, tangible ownership of their digital and physical cards and other collectible assets.

Own internet network

Mister-hosting manages its own AS210403 internet network. Your entire network is protected by advanced technologies. They filter traffic for unparalleled protection against DDoS attacks.For large-scale DDoS they are a CloudFlare partner. Security, speed and stability are equally important. They strive to maintain 99.99% uptime for your website. Your servers run on CloudLinux, which is the main operating system for web hosts. They renew your servers regularly, protecting the servers against viruses, malware and network DDoS attacks. They improve their speed thanks to the latest technologies such as Redis, Memcached, Nginx and Varnish cache.

Security and availability

Mister-hosting data center is very secure 24/7, which guarantees your equipment a 100% safe environment. It also means that you have 24/7/365 monitoring by knowledgeable staff on site. Your technicians are qualified and supervise the servers 24/7/365. Mister Hosting guarantees you an availability of 99.99% thanks to the reliable and secure technology of your datacenters. This means that over the course of a year, failures that occur in a data center represent a duration of less than 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

The groundbreaking game platform that seamlessly enables physically released trading cards to be redeemed digitally, visualized, played, traded or sold as digital assets while providing a marketplace for the worldwide community. They first release to this platform is Ether Legends built on the Ethereum blockchain. Its stunning illustrative art, design and skill-based game play separate it as a true original with room for platform expansion and future game releases.

Server Technology

Mister-hosting assembles its own servers and offers you a quality experience. They work with professional hardware from Intel and Cisco brands for your network hardware. They chose these brands for their reputation of being the most reliable and efficient. This aim to offer you the best and most efficient web hosting, for example they offer NVMe SSD technology on all your servers. Dating back to 2010 the rise of Bitcoin fueled the cofounders’ fascination with cryptocurrency mining and the utility of blockchain technologies.

Understanding that Bitcoin was just one potential application of the underlying blockchain technology, the co-founders were excited to see what innovations would be made in the blockchain space. The MTO ICO Will Progress For 100 Phases. For Each Phase The Token Price Will Increase $0.01 And If The ICO Is Successful The Price Of One MTO Will Be $1.20 When Listed On The Exchanges.

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