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Louhi Web Hosting Review: Domain names, web hosting and digital work solutions.

About Louhi

The application solutions offered by Louhe cover digital services that support the business of small and slightly larger companies. You can conveniently order the services with an invoice and always supplemented with a Finnish-language support service.Top-class modern office and collaboration application solutions are available, as well as solutions that complement the information security of the company’s digital environment. Once you arrive at Louhi website you will need to connect your wallet to the platform. The “Connect wallet” button can be found in the top right corner of the website. See the screenshots bellow for a visualization.

Pay special attention to choose the Fantom network in the wallet as you will not be able to interact with Finance if your wallet is not connected to the Fantom Opera network. Do you need your own server capacity and the freedom to completely define self-installing applications and settings? Choose a domestic and fault-tolerant virtual server or an AWS cloud server. If necessary, you can supplement the service with your maintenance and backup service solutions. If necessary, your experts carry out web services or e-mail transfers on a turnkey basis, so switching to Louhe’s services is always completely carefree and hassle-free.

Some Quick Facts Louhi Web Hosting

LouhiBasic Details
Hosting NameLouhi
Call Support010 841 5656
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Louhi Price

Quarry as a workplace

Louhi work community can be described with the words youthful, cheerful, knowledgeable and responsible. They employ 9 people in technical, customer service and sales roles. In addition to daily tasks, they offer all your employees the opportunity to participate in projects that develop the company’s business and own expertise. With growing business, they are constantly looking for competent people to strengthen your team.

Attached you can see your open positions. If there are no open jobs available right now, you can send an open application using the attached form. Even if there are no open positions right now, they would love to hear from you. You can be a seasoned hosting professional or an up-and-coming star. Send an open application about yourself using the attached form.

For internship in Louhe

Louhi is an excellent place to carry out an internship related to your studies. Many of your current employees have been established at the end of a well-run training period, so training at Louhe is also a gateway to employment. Depending on the situation and the applicant’s profile, they offer internships for jobs such as customer service, service production or sales. You can send an internship application using the attached job application form. Therefore, MetaFocus using blockchain technology can support the high confidence of the application of digital currency business by subverting the traditional monetary information system technology model.

MetaFocus combines a variety of blockchain financial methods, such as metacverse, NFT, GameFI and blockchain. Louhi project is based on blockchain technology and can establish point-to-point communication security and trust in the network, making the value transmission process eliminates intermediary interference, not only disclose information and protect privacy, not only co-making decisions and protect individual rights and interests.


Louhi is a Decentralized Yield Optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. Finance runs on the Fantom blockchain and offers one of the leading market yield strategies and operations. Your mission is to give your users (beginner & professional) the opportunity to save, grow, and accumulate assets for the future in asafe, efficient, and user friendly way. Please note that none of this is financial advice. You should do your due diligence to become an informed investor by doing your own research, coming to your own conclusions, and taking note of the risks and responsibilities associated with participating in finance.


Louhi will be providing access to collections of non-fiat inflationary assets. They provide rewards in return for utilizing your platform, namely in the form of ‘staking’ tokens and your native token. They will collect tokens from many users and stake them on a mass scale on their behalf. Through more frequent compounding, more efficient gas utilization, and other creative automation they will save users fees and most of all maximize their returns. The team is available on Telegram and Discord to answer questions, so please reach out if they’re not answered here.

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