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Locaweb Web Hosting Review: With a few clicks you can set up your website, configure your professional email and register your domain.

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About Locaweb

For this, Locaweb produce content in different formats with the aim of simplifying technology in a democratic and inclusive way. When started to study for the development area, they were in doubt, amid so many nomenclatures, languages. Benchmarking can cut the way for your business to grow. Learn how to apply this method in your company. Having a good digital marketing strategy for small businesses is important to attract more audiences, to show that you are good at it.

In most cases, the equal capital distribution that can maximize the return of the Boosting Pool does not exactly maximize the total return. Locaweb optimal capital distribution for maximizing the total return of a deposit is impacted by factors other than the depositor’s individual budget constraint, including the return of the Base Pool and other depositors’ weight shares and capital distributions. Still, depositors tend to earn higher total returns by making their deposit sizes comparable to the value of PTP staked.

Some Quick Facts Locaweb Web Hosting

LocawebBasic Details
Hosting NameLocaweb
Price$31.41/ month
Email SupportN/A
Call Support(11) 3544-0500
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Locaweb Price

Need help transforming your business?

Register for free to find the ideal Locaweb partner to help your business. Your partners can help you in different sectors of your business, from creating your website to infrastructure and digital marketing consulting. Discover your suite of solutions, which use unique intelligence to transform data into personalized consumer experiences, so you are present at the most important moments of the consumer journey.

They provides a technical discussion of Platypus’s liquidity mining design. The design has referenced Curve’s veCRV setup, but with different inner mechanics, with the aim to prevent mercenary capital. In short, a new token vePTP, which is not transferable nor trad able, is introduced. Staked PTP token can yield vePTP which can be used to boost the APR with provided liquidity.


Team and advisors token are locked for first 12 months,and subsequent linear vesting in the next 30 months. Treasury token has 5% initial unlock, then 6 months cliff and subsequent 36 months linear vesting. Locaweb liquidity has 50% initial unlock, then 6 months cliff and subsequent 6 months linear vesting. Base Pool, Boosting Pool and AVAX-PTP Pool (Pool 2), which respectively account for 30%, 50%, and 20% of the aggregate allocation.

The percentages can be changed in the future by the team, or via voting after governance is enabled. Proof This proof aims to show that, assuming all users except user x are allocating equal distributions of their capital on stablecoin deposit and staked PTP, user x can gain a higher return by following the equal distribution, compared to allocating all his/her capital to stablecoin deposit.


In essence, Platypus incorporates the concept of asset liability management, adopting coverage ratio as the key input parameter. In its system, each stablecoin i has an independent account. The PTP tokens supplied through the Base Pool and the Boosting Pool are ultimately allocated to the stablecoin depositors, who are also known as liquidity providers in the protocol.

The Boosting Pool differs from the Base Pool in that its liquidity emission is subject to staking of PTP tokens. In the Boosting Pool, depositors have to stake PTP tokens to mine PTP tokens. While new issuance tends to dilute a token’s market value with its enlarged market supply, the staking requirement offsets such impact through restricting its market supply.


Once the solution is installed, it will trade 24/7 without emotion-driven human intervention. It will only take rational decisions purely based on logic, quantitative strategies, and statistical analysis of the markets. Locaweb is a set of algorithms using machine learning and statistical analysis of the market in order to attempt to select the best performing cryptocurrencies during ascending market phases and protect the portfolio during descending phases.

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