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What Is Listen To Earn (LTE)? Complete Guide Review About Listen To Earn.

What Is Listen To Earn (LTE)?

Listen To Earn is a project toward web 3.0 application that lets you earn cryptocurrency while you listen & get fun, knowledge. With the trend “Listen To Earn”, ListenToEarn aims to drive millions of people toward a healthier lifestyle, fight against social evil, and connect the public to Web 3.0, while addressing its Social-Fi dimension to build a long-term platform that drives user-generated Web 3.0 content

In the near future, the Listen will continue to develop and upgrade Listen To Earn advanced version. They will build an ecosystem of Metaverse Listen, providing all kinds of entertainment listening, learning to listen, and listening to psychological counseling on a variety of topics.

Currently, the trend of “doing something to make money” is very popular and is being responded to by many people. They’ve got Play to earn which marks the growth of a new “earn” category in crypto, followed by Move to earn, watch to earn, etc. All have marked a strong development stage of a new array of trends, a milestone marking the applicability of cryptocurrencies in real life.

Unlike other trends, listening is the simplest operation; all you need is a phone to listen to anytime, anywhere. They strive to provide users with a simple experience, and listening to audio is a great way to entertain and enjoy life, as well as an extremely effective way to learn. Listening can touch your soul; they’re curious about how noise and sounds affect and nourish the brain.

As a result, your group decided to launch the Listen To Earn project, with the goal of connecting the community through various topics such as music, entertainment, learning, knowledge transmission, and so on.

Listen To Earn Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameListen To Earn
Short NameLTE
Circulating Supply100.00B LTE
Total Supply100,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Defi Elements

Listen To Earn NFT Marketplace is included in the Listen ecosystem, making it possible for users to exchange, buy and sell, especially, create their own NFT and trade directly on your marketplace. In Earn App, users are equipped with AirPods in the form of NFT to listen to some of their chosen topics and afterwards earn tokens. Energy is needed to earn $L2E.

Each AirPods contains 100 energy, which will decrease after each topic reducing the amount of $L2E earned. To overcome this problem, users need GEM to repair or upgrade the AirPods (Refer to AirPods section). You just need to wait 48 hours to reboot and get the full 100% energy back. If you want to continue listening without waiting, you can use $LTE or $L2E tokens to buy back energy.

Features of Listen To Earn

But in order that you may see whence all this error is born of those who accuse pleasure and praise pain, I will open the whole matter. If you have a paid Account with, or make a purchase or sale using your Service, Listen To Earn automatically collect certain information about your transactions on the Service, such as your full name, address, region, state, country, zip code, the date, time, and amount charged.

Content and files

Listen To Earn collect any photographs, documents, or other files you upload to your Service; and if you send email messages or other communications, they collect and retain those communications. For example, you may choose to give more information for your Account profile, such as your full name, an avatar which may include a photograph, your biography, your location, your company, and a URL to a third-party website. Please note that your profile information may be visible to other Users of your Service.

Usage information

Listen To Earn accessing or using your Service, they may automatically collect information about how you use the Service, such as the pages you view, the referring site, your IP address and information about your device, session information, the date and time of each request, information contained in or relating to your contributions to individual repositories, and telemetry data (i.e., information about how a specific feature or service is performing) regarding your use of other features and functionality of the Service.

Airpods Max

For the equivalent of 100 $LTE to have Airpods Max, you can use it for 10 listening times. Each time you finish listening to 1 song, you will receive 250 – 255 points, corresponding to 50 $LTE. With a smart mechanism, the number of Airpods will be sold according to a pre-calculated schedule and in limited quantities, helping players maximize profits as well as helping the token value to increase rapidly.

NFT Airpods

Each Listen To Earn contains 100% battery, this battery will decrease after each listening. Users need GEM to increase durability, this action is also known as a repair and upgrade mission. For the equivalent of 50 $LTE to have Mini Airpods, you can use it for 5 listening times. Each time you finish listening to a topic, you will receive 100 – 105 points, corresponding to 20 $LTE. For the equivalent of 70 $LTE to have Airpods Pro, you can use it for 7 listening times. Each time you finish listening to a topic, you will receive 150 – 155 points, equivalent to 30 $LTE.

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