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What Is Kryptokitty? (KTY) Complete Guide Review About Kryptokitty.

What Is Kryptokitty?

Kryptokitty Coin is a meowmcoin on the Binance Smart Chain, with a focus on balanced tokenomics, organic growth, charitable engagements, and free-market principles.Planned functionalities include: * NFT Collections * Krypto Kitty Play-to-Earn Games * The Kittyverse * Kitty Exchange (KEX) * Cross-chain tradeability

Kryptokitty Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameKryptokitty Coin
Short NameKTY
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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How Many KTY Coins Are There in Circulation?

Krypto Kitty has a total supply of 69,420,000,000,000 KTY. Due to its deflationary nature (1% burn on transactions), the number of coins in circulation keep decreasing with each transaction. Additionally, 20% of the total supply was burned at the time of token launch.

Who Are the Founders of Krypto Kitty?

There Kryptokitty were 21 co-founders of Krypto Kitty from a range of nationalities, backgrounds and expertise. Krypto Kitty has since migrated to a contributor-focused model and will be fully governed by the community after the launch of Krypto Kitty DAO later this year.

What Makes Krypto Kitty Unique?

Krypto Kitty is a meowmcoin with a somewhat cynical and ironic take on memecoins. Instead of using manipulative marketing tactics, it has a focus on organic growth, community-building and charitable engagements. Krypto Kitty is proof that a coin can have both memes and fundamentals, as well as balanced tokenomics in adherence with free-market principles.

No. The Purrfect Meowmcoin.

It haz cat.

Kryptokitty Coin Other than the crypto contract itself, some sort of adorable animal is about 90% of what is required for launching your own coin in this day and age. And boy do they have cats.

It haz fundameowntals

Solid tokenomics. A fair launch. Audited contract. Ownership renounced. Charitable engagements. Oxfurred UniverKitty crypto-education initiative. Aristo-Kitties NFT collection, a P2E game and then, the Kittyverse.

Giving Back

Kryptokitty think it’s important to do good in the world where you can. That’s why 10% of total supply has been reserved in a charity wallet, and locked for 6 months with a vesting schedule. The funds will be unlocked and donated to individual animal shelters and small charities with low overhead, all of which the community will be voting on (eventually on the Kitty DAO).

Both the contract and wallet address are public and auditable, and we will publish receipts for each donation here on the website for transparency. They incredibly excited to use $KTY as a vehicle for doing some good in the world.

What exactly is Krypto Kitty?

Krypto Kitty is a deflationary reflective meowmcoin on the Binance Smart Chain, with a focus on balanced tokenomics, organic growth, charitable engagements, and free-market principles. Kryptokitty Coin are 100% a joke and 100% serious. They believe that memecoins have their place in the crypto world, but that you need fundamentals to create value.

What is the transaction tax and what are reflections?

$KTY has a tax of 4% on all transactions. 1% is burnt, the remaining 3% goes to something called ‘reflections’. Reflections are a great little tokenomics tool wherein a portion of transaction taxes is distributed to holders of the coin as a holding reward. The more $KTY you hold, the higher your share of the reflections distribution! Krypto Kitty’s reflection rate is set at 3% of every transaction, shared amongst holders.

Kryptokitty does not present itself as an investment, and they make no promises of any profit from buying the coin nor do they make any recommendation on whether you should buy or sell the token. Trading any asset carries risk, and you agree to bear full responsibility for choosing to trade $KTY. It is your responsibility to determine whether purchasing, selling or holding Krypto Kitty is prohibited in your jurisdiction, and whether you are legally allowed to do so.


As the community grew and more and more people arrived telling us $KTY was their first coin, the more they realised they had a responsibility towards creating a safe and informative project. Just one week after launch, they announced Oxfurred UniverKitty, a crypto-educational program published in more than 10 languages. From crypto trading and security basics to DeFi and liquidity pools, Krypto Kitty is empowering new and experienced crypto users with free educational resources.