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Itlab Web Hosting Review: NZ Virtual-Servers, Sensible Hosting Prices, 100% NZ.

About Itlab

Pharma, life science, and research organizations have access to limited data, and what they do have access to comes from the United States and European markets. Itlab is a limiting factor for the creation of new drugs and interventions. What global healthcare data is available, typically resides either on paper (difficult to obtain), or EMR data which is antiquated and difficult to query. Imagine the ability to find, curate, and bring to market longitudinal healthcare data from pheno-types which are under represented in the marketplace, such as SE Asian, Latin American, and beyond.

This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the Website and Applications and does not apply to any websites or applications that are owned or operated by third parties, which may have data collection, storage and use practices and policies that differ materially from this Privacy Policy. For additional information, see the section concerning Third-Party Websites/Applications, below. AMCHART created this Privacy Policy to explain its information collection and use practices and the protection of Your information when You visit and use the Website and Applications.

Any terms capitalized but not otherwise defined herein shall have the respective meanings set forth in the AMCHART Terms of Use. In addition, they are creating a suite of analytic products, which in time, will be able to provide Clinical Decision Support (CDS) within the EMR to the provider and patients will begin to learn more about their health and well-being with recommendations within the PHR.

Some Quick Facts Itlab Web Hosting

ItlabBasic Details
Hosting NameItlab
Price$18 + GST
Call Support021 525 484
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Itlab Price


The Itlab team realizes that technology can be a major hurdle to entry and it can be the difference between having digital records or staying on paper. So here is promise: they will gladly give the AmChart platform to you or your organization FOR FREE in exchange to work with you understanding your healthcare data, helping patients be empowered with their data, and to help pharma and life science companies work with this data to enact helpful interventions!

Datacentre located in central Auckland, NZ.

Budget hosting providers often locate your data at cheap datacentres outside NZ. We host our service at a quality datacentre located in central Auckland, giving very low ping times. Itlab haven’t forgotten about roots your goal is not the EMR market, but rather how to use pieces of the AmChart ecosystem within the United States. They will be targeting insurance companies who want to use your Health Companion for vital sign management, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) who want to utilize analytics and PHR as a patient portal, and provider organizations who want to engage their patients in specific healthcare initiatives.

Installed when you sign up, so all the software is up to date. They provide a caching proxy of the Debian software repository. So installing software that any other user has already installed is lightning fast. Burstible to the entire CPU. The server has 4 CPUs, and is expandable to 8, so the share is currently much higher than 1/16, but will never be lower. As long as there are 4 or less VPSs wanting to use the CPUs then all will get dedicated one core in order to get the needed processing done quickly.

Unlimited national & international traffic

It seems typical for VPS providers in New Zealand to charge $5 to $10 per GB for data over the allowed limit. Itlab scares the hell out of me! So I purchase upstream bandwidth by the Mbps rather than by GB and ask that clients don’t be bandwidth hogs. All VPS guests share available bandwidth equally, so throughput depends both on the path between your VPS and your users as well as the activity of other VPS clients. Virtual 10GB or larger Hard Drive. Partitioned with a single large Linux ext3 journaled file-system for your data safety. The minimal Debian install uses about 30MB after boot-up so even the smallest plan available is quite capable.

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