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Inithost Web Hosting Review: Find Your Perfect Domain.

About Inithost

Inithost Migration Team will take on the heavy task to migrate your website, emails and databases to our platform, smoothly, quickly, without intervention on your part and completely free. The only thing required of you is to order your preferred hosting package, submit a ticket to your Migration Team containing the data needed to access your old hosting provider and just relax. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is the partitioned part of a physical server with its operating server, bandwidth, and disc space.

Inithost receives a specific share from the resources allocated to the physical server it has been portioned from, allowing it to operate in isolation without interference from the physical server. VPS hosting is a imitates dedicated server hosting, in that it uses a shared server environment. Simply put, VPS hosting is a way of having a separate portion in a pool of data and resources.

Some Quick Facts Inithost Web Hosting

InithostBasic Details
Hosting NameInithost
Email SupportSales@Joivhost.Com
Call Support10761945
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Inithost Price

VPS Hosting

Combining the latest generation of Dell PE and HP servers, Intel Xeon processors, RAID-10 arrays of high-performance SSD Hybrid drives and KVM virtualization, they have created one of the most advanced platforms for virtual servers. JoivHost is a reliable VPS hosting provider that offers reliable, secure, and cheap VPS servers. Inithost SSD Hosting is an incredible choice if you are looking to add more flexibility and control to your website. These servers have the ability to measure and allot resources that are required by your business to grow further. VPS servers also allow you to install customized configurations and applications that make your website run more smoothly and the way you want.

Unique VPS platform

Accumulated years of experience in hosting services have enabled to develop a powerful VPS platform using the best Dell, HP servers and KVM virtualization. Inithost can change the parameters of your servers at any time directly from the control panel. VPS hosting is quite similar to how virtualized OS software works. You can install and run many different virtual servers on a single physical server. These virtualized servers, in turn, act as separate individual servers. The hosting provider installs a virtual “layer” on the server’s operating system, dividing it into partitions. This allows users to install their OS and software, giving them complete control over that section of the server.

If you’re looking for high-performing and dependable cheap dedicated servers to boost the performance of your busy website, get in touch with JoivHost. Your dedicated CPU servers come with unlimited bandwidth, up to 16 cores processing, and a RAM of up to 128 GB. Inithost house a large variety of Intel models including Xeon, Core i7, Atom, and others. JoivHost dedicated servers hosting is unmanaged by default, allowing you more control over your web application or website. It offers optimum performance, safety, flexible server configurations, 24/7 support and server monitoring, and advanced management.

Powerful VPS Control Panel

Inithost control panel has many features to make managing your VPS quick and easy. Expand your options further by adding cPanel with one click. VPS hosting gives you a lot more control over the software you choose to run on your server. You can install all kinds of software as long as it’s supported by the operating system and your total memory allocation. VPS hosting is specifically chosen to counter any issues from scalability or resource limitations. It’s more powerful than shared hosting, allowing you to shareable space without limiting control it or its uses. VPS hosting can be said to be similar to dedicated server hosting. However, unlike the latter, the resources for VPS hosting are allocated between individual websites.

Anti-DDoS Protection

All Inithost servers have anti-DDoS infrastructure in order to protect your website 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size. VPS hosting allows you to set up your website with guaranteed resources (e.g. disc space, memory, CPU cores,) within a secure server. This way, you don’t have to share resources with other users and can still maintain the same root-level access that comes with a dedicated server.

It’s safer than using shared servers and less expensive than dedicated servers. If you’re opting for VPS hosting, you should ideally have some basic knowledge and skills on server management to ease the process. However, your team at JoivHost can set it up for you if you’re new to VPS hosting and require specialized service.

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