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Hostingspace Web Hosting Review: Move to Hostingspace.

About Hostingspace

Hostingspace complexity of tracking different Tokenomics and their effect on an actual cost basis makes it difficult for token holders to understand whether they are in profit or holding a losing position. While a lot of information is available on the blockchain, manually it’s nearly impossible to aggregate it for analysis making it more difficult to determine the true market conditions in order to make decisions. All experienced traders know in order to be successful; you need to follow the big money (whales). In DeFi it’s even more critical to understand these metrics as it takes less money to move the market.

The lack of transparency into the intent of the whales and the collective token holders causes individual token holders to jump in or out of the market based on assumptions. Hostingspace Position Analytics, all of your purchased and earned tokens are in sight and simple to understand. With the nSights DeFi Trading platform, token tracking becomes simple with the ability to set your future goal and always see your current position in relation to that goal.

Your break even point is always visible and nSights gives you the ability to choose which tokens to sell, based on their position above or below your break even point. Hostingspace addition, you’re able to see where each buy and sell occurred on the chart. At a glance, you always know your net position (profitable or not) empowering you to make clear decisions.

Some Quick Facts Hostingspace Web Hosting

HostingspaceBasic Details
Hosting NameHostingspace
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Hostingspace Price

Nexus Ecosystem and Community

Hostingspace is leveraging the trading experience and automation expertise of the digieBot Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bot platform creators. With more than 40 years combined trading experience and 2 successful years with their digieBot algorithm performance, a lack of available analytics in the DeFi space became clear and became the catalyst for building a high tech blockchain based trading platform.

Hostingspace the support of the TruBadger Nexus Ecosystem and Community, nSights has gone from concept to product in record time. The lack of an adequate solution in this space motivated to move quickly and bring to market a platform that is every DeFi Traders’ dream.


Hostingspace Token is a Trader Rewards Hyper Deflationary Reflection token. Starting with a total of 1 quadrillion tokens, and every transaction has a 10% trad ability fee that gets redistributed as follows. Hostingspace on your desktop or mobile device and add the Smart Chain Network. Other crypto wallets like Trust Wallet and Binance Wallet work too. Buy BNB using platforms like Cryptogram, Binance, Coin, Then, transfer the BNB to your Meta Mask wallet address using the BEP20 (BSC) network.

Once swap is complete, add Hostingspace token to Meta Mask to view your tokens. You’ll start earning more through Reflection and if you like to trade, through your Trader Rewards Program! Temporarily, go to Pancake Swap to swap BNB for NSI tokens! Use nSights DeFi Trader to swap AFTER platform is launched. On Pancake Swap, set slippage to Auto and find NSI token using your Contract Address.

Market Maker Wallet

This wallet is excluded from Trad-ability Fees 1% of the Liquidity Pool Trad-ability Fee goes to the Market Maker Wallet. This wallet starts with 10% of the total native tokens (nSights). Swaps of nSights alternate between the Growth Fund (LP) on the exchange and the Market Maker Wallet until the Market Maker Wallet swaps a portion of its Hostingspace for BNB (as needed to establish market stability).

Hostingspace this stability is achieved, swaps automatically go back to using the Growth Fund wallet. This process continues as needed. If there is a profit in the Market Maker Wallet, the profit may be used to acquire other tokens, coins, or assets with the intention of continuing stabilization of the nSights Trading Platform.

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