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Hostek Web Hosting Review: Cloud Server Hosting for Businesses of All Sizes.

About Hostek

When your business requires fast, reliable hosting to support business growth, choosing the right hosting partner is crucial. Your goal is to earn your business every month by offering powerful solutions backed by impeccable customer service you can always rely on. Plus, your solutions can scale as your business grows and we’ll guide you along every technological hurdle along the way. Discover why your customers say. Hostek runs some of the fastest servers available. Customers are delighted to find the increase in speed on our servers. Your 24/7 US based support team leads the industry in customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a single server or a full infrastructure, your team is here for you. Hostek is a leading provider of managed server solutions for businesses ranging from small to enterprise, since 1998. Your network team has identified a portion of your Ashburn network that was getting DDOS’d. They’ve applied some mitigations upstream and have restored functionality to the network. They believe they have identified the source and they will work to address this. If you continue to encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Some Quick Facts Hostek Web Hosting

HostekBasic Details
Hosting NameHostek
Price$32.99 /month
Call Support918-392-7870
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Hostek Price

First-Class Support

Are you tired of slow and non-existent tech support? Hostek US-based support team responds in minutes. Your uptime is ensured by a redundant infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring, and a money-back guarantee. Your Network team is aware of an issue with intermittent packet loss on your Ashburn network. They believe they have identified and resolved the issue at this time and they will continue to monitor the situation. With your ColdFusion reseller plan, you can add ColdFusion, Windows or cPanel/Linux accounts within the same plan. Each domain is priced on a tier based on the number of domains. As you add domains, the price per domain goes down.

Disruption-Free Upgrades

Enjoy new hardware and resources without the stress and hassle of downtime or unnecessary migrations. Hostek network team is aware of an intermittent connectivity issue that occurred on your POD1 STL network this morning at approximately 9:30 AM CST. This issue has since been corrected and services have returned to normal. They’re continuing to investigate the root cause of the incident and once this is determined they will take necessary measures to ensure issues do not occur moving forward.

Proactive Security

Hostek proactively apply security patches to servers, solving IT disasters before they happen. The more sites you put on a VPS, the busier it can be. For any serious site, they suggest starting at least at the Silver level. If you will be developing on the VPS for an extended time before you go live, then start with the Starter if you want; just remember the Silver or Business will offer better performance. With your ColdFusion reseller plan, you can add ColdFusion, Windows or cPanel/Linux accounts within the same plan. Each domain is priced on a tier based on the number of domains. As you add domains, the price per domain goes down.

Industry-Leading Performance

Whether your site is read heavy or write heavy, they have a solution for you. The common web related ports such as web, SSL, FTP, and email are opened by default. The ports for RDP, MySQL, and MS SQL ports are restricted for security purposes but can be opened for external access within your WCP panel on Windows-based VPS’s.

They suggest only opening these ports to specific IP addresses that are known and can be trusted. If you have a custom application that needs a non-standard port opened, please create a support ticket and ask that the IP address of your VPS be placed in your less restrictive perimeter firewall group. You can then enable the port within your Windows Control Panel.

Custom Solutions

From startups to enterprises – Hostek provide solutions as simple or as complex as your organization needs. What greylisting does is the first time an email address sends you an email, it will bounce it back and tell the sending server to try again in a few minutes. Most spam will not be retried, which is the huge benefit of greylisting. Then once the good mail server retries, your mail server sees the mail as being good and adds it to a database so that future email from that sender is no longer greylisted and is allowed right through the normal spam checking channels.

A payment gateway is not provided, but Hostek recommend you use WHMCS to manage your customers and billing. WHMCS integrates with many payment gateways like PayPal most likely your local bank’s merchant program which you may already have. They have instructions on integrating with WHMCS and can help you get started with this if needed.

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