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What Is Grok (GROK)? Complete Guide & Review About Grok

What Is Grok (GROK)?

Grok Visualizing “Metaverse” was a challenging task, and we need the participation and assistance of every individual. Grok is a project with highly sophisticated system and tool which encourages user decision-making and developer participation to achieve development goal. As a result, our white paper is also an evolving document, it will be updated throughout the development process. goal is always to ensure the quality and sustainability of the project.

Grok (GROK) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGrok
Short Name(GROK)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply1,000,000,000,000
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Mission and Long-Term Vision

Big Planet

Grok live on this charming planet, and rely on wisdom to create some interesting things, which makes supplies more abundant and life more convenient. have a common dream and look forward to a better future.

Space With Division

Grok However, not everyone is on the same starting line. live in different regions and countries, have different cultures and beliefs, so may represent the interests of different groups, but most importantly, there are huge differences in wealth between each of us.


Grok Metaverse show us that we are in the same virtual world, where everyone will be treated fairly, everyone had to start from ground zero, and you can even work here and get long-term and permanent dividends. To this end, we have also designed a unique “Groker Identity Growth System” and enabled individuals to collaborate like traditional companies through DAO. Grok hopes to bring together all craftsmen and take full advantage of these roles. Anyone with resources, skills or time can volunteer to contribute to Grok’s development, growth and promotion. Everyone is the same here, no matter what country you come from, no matter what skills you have, you will always be needed here.

The Carrier of the Economic System

Grok The Grokverse world is made up of different characters with different roles, and they are combined to maintain the overall economic operation.


Are the basic components of Grokverse and enjoy various ecological rights, such as: playing games to earn income, market transactions, voting, and initiating proposals.


Grok Can create works at will in the game world, and if their works are voted by the DAO, they will receive long- term benefits from this work.


Investors invest early in the creation of high-quality works in the ecology, to obtain dividends brought by the development of the project.

Defining the Metaverse Future

Grok provides guidance and power for the infinite creation and experience of the future. Anyone can build their imaginary world with Grok Edit.


Grok need to create a virtual world, an immersive social space where you can explore and meet others. urban planning and community distribution are designed to ensure that everyone can explore a dense, attractive urban center.


With visual game editing tools, any user or professional creator can build the world of their dreams. Here, you can build any world you can imagine, as depicted by community of users.


Grok In the future world, hope, the place where most people work should be a specific planet or world in the Metaverse, and they can get the same compensation as the real world in this way.

Completely Metaverse

Grok will continue to improve art performance, provide more and richer game Build materials, and rely on VR technology, a 3D real-time rendering engine, and the continuous development of virtual human AI to create a more realistic and immersive virtual network world.

Complete DAO Governance

Grok By validating the Grok platform for the whole ecological operation will continue to improve DAO community governance, gradually make Grok a community for game creators and gamers, and finally complete DAO autonomy.